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Help an unusual Khajiit find out about his family.
Zone: Wrothgar
Objective: Bonerock Cavern — Help the Orc hunting party at Bonerock Cavern.
Quest Giver: Old Pack in Bonerock Cavern
Location(s): Bonerock Cavern, Bonerock Ruins
Prerequisite Quest: First part of Riekr Revenge
Reward: Silent Paws
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5453
Family reunion
I met a Khajiit named Zhasim who was raised as part of an Orc clan. An old pack within the ancient ruins inside Bonerock Cavern contained a Khajiit medallion. Could it be a clue to Zhasim's origin?

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Show the medallion to Zhasim.
  2. Solve the puzzles.
  3. Help Zhasim explore the ruins.
  4. Talk to Zhasim to finish quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

To begin the quest, ensure you have picked up the prerequisite quest and spoken to Murukh, Avreg and Zhasim, otherwise the "old backpack" will not be marked as such, Zhasim will not be where he needs to be, the blocks will not be rotatable, and none of the puzzles will be solvable.

In the center of the first rectangular room of the delve there is a dais, upon which there should be a backpack bearing the text "old backpack". To begin the quest, open this pack and discuss its contents with the nearby NPC Zhasim. You will then be faced with a puzzle.

Puzzle 1: To solve the puzzle, there is a journal near a dead Argonian that gives some clues. Also, on the walls of the cavern are plaques with the same symbols as the prayer wheels. Note that the candles are only lit in front of three of these plaques: the hammer on the left side, and the torch and wolf on the right side as you enter the cavern. The correct order is torch, hammer, wolf as you face the door.

Puzzle 2: In the next chamber, you find a note with a riddle. You need to examine the items in the correct order: sarcophagus with the knight mural, open sarcophagus (hunt-wife mural), tapestry, table (mural of seated king).

Puzzle 3: The next room you enter, read the note then pick up the 3 vases. Place vases with moon motifs next to a pool. The tall vase goes in the center.

Go to the next room and talk to Zhasim.


Quest StagesEdit

A Khajiit's Tale
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The pack contained a medallion etched with two moons that appears to be the work of a Khajiit crafter. I should show it to Zhasim.
Objective: Show the Medallion to Zhasim
Zhasim thinks the prayer wheel may reveal something about the medallion we found. There might be a hint around here to help us solve the puzzle.
Objective: Solve the Puzzle
Objective Hint: Look for Clues to Solve the Puzzle
After we solved the prayer wheel puzzle, a coffer appeared. I should examine the coffer and see what's inside.
Objective: Search the Coffer
I found a scroll inside the coffer. I should talk to Zhasim about the contents of the scroll.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
Zhasim ran deeper into the ruins to look for more clues about his past. I should look for him.
Objective: Help Zhasim Explore the Ruins
Another coffer appeared when we solved the riddle of the poem. I should see if it contains another scroll.
Objective: Search the Coffer
I should talk to Zhasim about the contents of the second scroll.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
Zhasim's mother used simple spells and children's puzzles to leave messages for him. I should help him find and solve the next puzzle.
Objective: Determine the Next Puzzle
A third coffer appeared when we solved the moons puzzle. I should check to see if it contains another scroll.
Objective: Search the Coffer
I found another scroll inside the coffer. I should talk to Zhasim about the contents of the third scroll.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
Zhasim ran ahead again, still looking for his cat and hoping to find another note from his mother. I should keep an eye out for him.
Objective: Find Zhasim
☑Finishes quest Zhasim found his mother's remains. I should speak to him and make sure he's all right.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
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