Shunned by the Nords as a place of evil, this mystic forge site was constructed by an unknown Nedic sect that worshiped forgotten dark gods. Now it's been reopened by the Dreadhorn clan of Reachmen, who are meddling with dangerous forces of great power.
Bloodroot Forge
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Group Dungeon
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Elinhir RegionCraglorn
West of Elinhir
Instanced Dungeon
Group Size 4
Bloodroot Forge

Bloodroot Forge is a group dungeon in Craglorn. It's part of the Horns of the Reach dungeon pack DLC, along with Falkreath Hold. The entrance is located west of Elinhir. The dungeon itself takes place at an ancient Nedic site that is associated with Hircine, and is located high in the Jerall Mountains.

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A map of the Jerall Cleft
A map of the Sanguinary Veins
Door 1
Door 1
Door 2
Door 2
A map of the Sanguinary Veins
A map of the Bloodroot Forge


Set Name Bonuses Location(s) Set Type
Flame Blossom

2 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Magicka
3 items: Adds 3-129 Spell Damage
4 items: Adds 34-1487 Spell Penetration
5 items: When you deal damage, you summon a line of flame that moves forward after 1 second, dealing 246-10614 Flame Damage to any enemy in its path and applying the Burning status effect. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

Bloodroot ForgeCrown Store Light Armor

2 items: Adds 15-657 Weapon Critical
3 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon Damage
4 items: Adds 15-657 Weapon Critical
5 items: Increases your Bleed damaging attacks by 33%.

Bloodroot ForgeCrown Store Medium Armor
Hagraven's Garden

2 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
3 items: Adds 3-129 Health Recovery
4 items: Adds 4% Healing Taken
5 items: When you take damage while under 50% Health, you summon a preservation of nature around you in a 8 meter radius for 8 seconds which grants Major Protection to you and up to 5 group members while in the area, reducing your damage taken by 10%. This effect can occur once every 30 seconds.

Bloodroot ForgeCrown Store Heavy Armor

1 item: Adds 4% Healing Done
2 items: When you heal yourself or a group member that is under 50% Health, you conjure a pool of quenching blood underneath them, immediately removing all previous enemy placed effects, and healing the lowest Health group member in the area for 682-29700 Health over 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds.

Bloodroot ForgeCrown Store Monster Helm Sets



  • While it is only implied ingame, it was revealed to be associated with Hircine in a official website dungeon preview.
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