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Help save a Covenant defector.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: North Beacon - Help the Covenant defector escape to the Dominion.
Quest Giver: Scout Endetuile
Location(s): North Beacon
Concurrent Quest: Eye Spy
Reward: War-Mage's Cowl
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Burn those weapons!
A Covenant officer and her husband attempted to defect to the Aldmeri Dominion. Covenant troops pursued the Orc couple all the way to Auridon, and they've taken North Beacon in an attempt to capture the Orcs.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Lakhazga fighting Captain Bernardine
  1. Speak to Scout Endetuile near North Beacon.
  2. Make your way to The Talon's Grasp and find the Covenant defector.
  3. Burn the Covenant trebuchets.
  4. Find the barracks and kill the Covenant captain.
  5. Escort Lakhazga to the lighthouse.
  6. Speak to Lakhazga.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Scout Endetuile calls you over with a sense of urgency. The Dominion just came back with a defector from the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Daggers followed them home. They've taken the defector captive. Endetuile urges you to rescue the defector before the Daggers kill her.

Travel north into the port and cross the bridge to reach The Talon's Grasp. Head below deck, then go east. Lakhazga gro-Rimat is bound in the eastern section of the ship. Free her, and she explains that she's not the one the Covenant is after. Sure, she's an officer, but her husband was an advisor to King Kurog gro-Orsinium. As soon as Lakhazga is freed, she rushes off the boat. The Covenant is preparing to besiege the lighthouse, where her husband is. There are three trebuchets set up around the area. One is just south of the ship you're aboard, and the others are at the northwestern edges of the port, on the western half of North Beacon. Head south across the bridge and burn the eastern trebuchet. Head west across the northern bridge and destroy the north trebuchet. Then, head southwest and destroy the trebuchet located north of the West Supply Building.

After you've destroyed the trebuchets, she informs you that you should kill the Covenant's commander, Captain Bernardine. This should dissuade the Covenant soldiers from coming after her husband. Head up the stairs south of the now-burning western trebuchet. Take a left turn at the top of the stairs to reach the North Beacon Barracks, where the captain is hiding. Captain Bernardin is located upstairs in the center room. Kill him, then escort Lakhazga to the lighthouse to see her husband. Head up the stairs southeast of the barracks, then up another flight of stairs, and cross the bridge. Once you enter the lighthouse, Moroth and Lakhazga will reunite. Speak with her after their reunion to end the quest.

After the quest, Sergeant Cangwen appears and opens a portal to Skywatch for the couple.


  • Lakhazga doesn't exist on the ship before starting the quest.
  • Bernardine doesn't exist in the barracks before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Bernardine doesn't give exp or loot when killed.
  • If you are doing this quest parallel with the quest Eye Spy, you may wish to finish Eye Spy before entering the tower for the reunion of Lakhazga gro-Rimat and her husband, as the end of The Wayward Dagger offers a one way portal back to Skywatch. The portal will disappear when you exit the area.

Quest StagesEdit

The Wayward Dagger
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to board the Covenant ship and find the defecting officer.
Objective: Find the Covenant Defector
I've joined up with the Orc officer, Lakhazga. She believes the Covenant's first move will have been to set up artillery. We need to destroy the artillery before we head to the lighthouse.
Objective: Burn East Trebuchet
Objective: Burn North Trebuchet
Objective: Burn West Trebuchet
Lakhazga wants to find the commander of the Covenant forces. She thinks he can be found in the barracks at North Beacon.
Objective: Find the North Beacon Barracks
We're inside. I need to find and defeat Captain Bernardine.
Objective: Kill Captain Bernardine
Lakhazga and I have done what we can. We should fight our way up to the North Beacon Lighthouse and find her husband.
Objective: Escort Lakhazga to the Lighthouse
Finishes quest  I've reunited Lakhazga with her husband, Moroth. Time to speak once more with Lakhazga.
Objective: Talk to Lakhazga gro-Rimat
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