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Help disrupt the Covenant troops attacking North Beacon.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: North Beacon - Help the Covenant defector escape to the Dominion.
Quest Giver: Scout Arfanel
Location(s): North Beacon
Concurrent Quest: The Wayward Dagger
Reward: Keeneye Belt
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Save the wounded soldiers
I met Arfanel, a member of the Eyes of the Queen at North Beacon. He's tracking an elite Covenant soldier and wants my assistance supporting the troops in the field.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find and talk to Scout Arfanel at North Beacon.
  2. Find some Covenant uniforms.
  3. Rescue the troops and investigate the West Supply Building.
  4. Speak to Scout Arfanel near the lighthouse to inform him of the completed tasks.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

There's trouble at North Beacon. The Daggerfall Covenant followed a Dominion fleet carrying a Covenant defector back to Auridon, and now the port is under attack. Scout Arfanel has a job for you. He needs you to tend the wounds of injured soldiers and help them get off the battlefield. There are Covenant uniforms in the East Supply Building, which should help the soldiers escape. Moreover, the Covenant is planning to do something with the West Supply Building. Scout Arfanel wants you to check that out as well.

You'll find Daggerfall Covenant uniforms in a footlocker inside the East Supply Building, just to the east of where Scout Arfanel is kneeling. Once you have the uniforms, go out and find wounded soldiers. All of the soldiers eventually respawn, allowing you to stay in that one spot and heal wounded soldiers if you wish.

There is one beneath an overhang on the docks between the east and western half of North Beacon, south of Scout Arfanel's tree. Another can be found against the wall at the southeastern end of the brick walkway leading to the dock on the western half of North Beacon. A third soldier can be found next to the tree in the garden in front of the West Supply Building. Another soldier can be found north of that same garden, and there is another north of that soldier, near the Covenant trebuchet. A fifth soldier can be found to the right of the West Supply Building, near a cherry tree. Yet another soldier is located north of that spot, near a large boulder. There is also a soldier to the left of the staircase located south of the West Supply Building.

At any point during or after your bid to heal injured soldiers, you can enter the West Supply Building. Inside, you'll find Cariel, an Eye of the Queen. Speak with her. She's apparently gathered everything she needs from this building, and asks you to destroy it. She hands you some fire salts, and asks you to burn some empty crates in the side room to the south. Once you've burned the crates, exit the building and speak with Arfanel on the bluff. The bluff can be accessed by heading out the gate on the western end of North Beacon (head up the stairs south of the West Supply Building) and crossing the bridge. You should pass by First Auridon Marines who are fighting the Covenant soldiers. Speak with Arfanel, who has managed to capture his target, Ranger Kestral. He rewards you for your efforts at North Beacon.


  • The chest won't exist in the supply hut before starting the quest.
  • The wounded soldiers won't exist around the beacon before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Your character uses a torch animation instead of a pour/throw animation when using the fire salts to burn the crates.
  • You may wish to do this quest parallel to the quest The Wayward Dagger, as you will travel through much the same locations and The Wayward Dagger gives you a free follower during most of the quest, but you may wish to finish Eye Spy before The Wayward Dagger, as the latter leaves a one way open portal to Skywatch for easy return there. The portal will disappear when you exit the area.

Quest StagesEdit

Eye Spy
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
There are some Covenant uniforms in a supply building near North Beacon. Arfanel wants me to grab them.
Objective: Find Covenant Uniforms
Arfanel asked me to rescue wounded Dominion troops and investigate one of the supply buildings near North Beacon.
Objective: Support the Troops
Objective Hint: Rescue Wounded Soldier: 0/5
Objective Hint: Enter the Western Supply Building
Objective Hint: Talk to Cariel
Objective Hint: Burn Empty Supply Crates
Finishes quest  I need to talk to Scout Arfanel.
Objective: Talk to Arfanel on the Bluff
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