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Online:Scout Endetuile

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Scout Endetuile
Location Outside North Beacon
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health (?)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) First Auridon Marines
Scout Endetuile

Scout Endetuile is a High Elf scout of the First Auridon Marines found at North Beacon. When you first meet her, she is located just inside the eastern gate, south of the East Supply Building. She can also be found on the road south of North Beacon, leading into the eastern gate.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

You find her nearing North Beacon, calling for help after fighting off Daggerfall Covenant soldiers:

"Please... Stars above... help me..."

Talking to her:

"The Daggers. They're here. They followed us home!"
The Covenant is here?
"Auri-El forgive us. We rendezvoused with a Covenant officer and her husband. She wanted to defect.
The damned Daggers caught wind of it and chased us all the way from Khefrem."
Where is she now?
"She's on a ship down in the cove. You have to find her before they execute her!
When you've got her, get her up to the lighthouse. That's where you'll find the remainder of my squad."
I'll get her out.

You can ask her some more questions.

"Hurry, traveler. My comrades at the lighthouse. They can't hold out forever.
And who knows when the Daggers will decide to off the Orc?"
The defector's an Orc? / Did I hear you say the defector's an Orc?
"She's thrice-blessed, she is. Lakhazga gro-Rimat commanded a unit in Glenumbra. Saw the hypocrisy of the Daggers firsthand.
She and her husband managed to flee to the wilds of Khefrem. Got us word through a Baandari peddler."
Do you trust her?
"Think so. As far as you can trust any Orc.
She's loyal enough. Refused to leave her husband behind. No negotiation on that point."
Why did your squad pick her up?
"Don't recognize my insignia, do you? We're with the Talons. The Queen has her Eyes, yes? The Battlereeve has his Talons.
We work with some of the other covert units. Provide strong arms where they're needed."
The Battlereeve had you working with the Queen's Eyes to collect the defector?
"You've got it. Breath of Auri-El! A few times we were their only protection. Don't know if any of the Eyes are still up there with my squad.
Hope so. They're brave—when they're not hiding under a bush."