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North Beacon
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Covenant Marksman, Covenant Rogue, Covenant Soldier, Covenant Storm Mage
(Quest-specific): Captain Bernardine
Northeast of Firsthold
Other Buildings
North Beacon

North Beacon is a lighthouse in northern Auridon, northeast of the city of Firsthold. It has recently been taken over by the Daggerfall Covenant, who are seeking a high-ranking Covenant officer, who is attempting to defect with his wife. The Covenant pursued them all the way to Auridon. A member of the Eyes of the Queen is also in North Beacon, attempting to find and take out another high-ranking officer.

North Beacon is divided in two sections: the east and west. A road leads in to the eastern section from the south. A chest can be found along the western side of this road. The East Supply Building is near the gate on the eastern side. There is a cooking fire to the right of the East Supply Building. A road heading north from the supply building leads to a Breton galleon named The Talon's Grasp.

The area's skyshard is at the top of the lighthouse on the bluff. The bluff can be accessed by heading out the gate on the western end of North Beacon (head up the stairs south of the West Supply Building) and crossing the bridge. You should pass by the North Beacon Barracks and some First Auridon Marines who are fighting the Covenant soldiers. Upon the bluff is a camp full of First Auridon Marines. A note titled Thalmor Diplomatic Corps Notice is sitting on a table beneath an Altmer-style tent on the bluff.

A copy of Eagle Hunter: Against the Dominion is sat upon on a table on the stone bridge to the north, which connects the east and western halves of North Beacon. There is a chest at the base of a waterfall south of North Beacon.

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  • Unlike most locations, the location icon in the HUD compass doesn't go away while you are in the location area.
  • Despite the name of the location appearing in the top right of the screen when in the area, the location discovered pop-up only triggers when entering the lighthouse itself.
  • According to overheard conversation, one of the troops who survived the Covenant attack on North Beacon is Linyon's grandson.