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This article is about the inn. For the player house, see The Rosy Lion (room).

The Rosy Lion
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Daggerfall Castle Town
Crafting Stations
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The Rosy Lion

The Rosy Lion is an inn and a tavern in Daggerfall Castle Town. It is a three-story Breton-style building. The Rosy Lion player house is found on the ground floor.

The ground floor is occupied by the tavern. In the southern corner the Undaunted hold a meeting. Several Lion Guards can be encountered in the tavern. The second floor has four bedrooms and a large guest room with a fireplace and several bookshelves. The third floor is a storage area. An intermediate safebox lies behind the counter.

Beware the Glenumbra Banks, Donolon Bakes, and Back Home in Orsinium can be read in the inn. A lorebook lies on the dresser in the south room on the second floor.

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