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Online:The Ritual (champion)

Elder Scrolls Online
This version of the Champion system was in place until Update 29 was released

The RitualEdit


Under the Mage's influence, the Ritual grants you Magicka and makes your attacks more Precise.

Champion Abilities Effect
ON-champion-Star 01.png Mighty Increases your Physical, Poison, and Disease Damage by [0-15]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Piercing Increases Physical Penetration by [0-5280].
ON-champion-Star 01.png Precise Strikes Increases damage and healing dealt by Weapon Criticals by [0-25]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Thaumaturge Increases effectiveness of your damage over time effects by [0-25]%.
Passive Unlocks Rank Effect
ON-champion-Star 02.png Opportunist 10 Increases the damage of your next physical attack by 15% after you interrupt a target.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Perfect Strike 30 Increases your Weapon Critical rating by 3%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Exploiter 75 Increases your damage against off balance enemies by 10%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Last Stand 120 When you fall below 20% Health gain Major Heroism which grants 18 Ultimate over 8 seconds. Can only occur once every 20 seconds.