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A siege merchant

Siege Merchants are vendors who sell Siege Weapons. They can only be found in Cyrodiil. There is one in each of the Border Keeps.

Generic Siege Merchants known as Quartermasters can be found at the Keeps and Resources (farms, lumbermills, and mines) across the zone. There are Pact, Dominion and Covenant quartermasters.

Alliance Keep Vendor
ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).png Aldmeri Dominion Eastern Elsweyr Gate Mangeth
Western Elsweyr Gate Elthras
ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).png Daggerfall Covenant Northern High Rock Gate Roshan
Southern High Rock Gate Ulg
ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).png Ebonheart Pact Northern Morrowind Gate Asheeus
Southern Morrowind Gate Golvy

Traveling Siege Merchants also exist.

Alliance Location Vendor
ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).png Aldmeri Dominion North of Vlastarus Hazari
North of Castle Faregyl Fengrin
ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).png Daggerfall Covenant Near Fort Glademist Marielle
Near Fort Dragonclaw Arbella
ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).png Ebonheart Pact West of Cheydinhal Hjorn
Near Blue Road Keep Luren


Icon Item   Item   Item   Price
  Alliance Battle Draught 0000720720 
  Alliance Health Draught 0000720720 
  Alliance Spell Draught 0000720720 
  Bridge and Milegate Repair Kit 0000300300 
  Covenant Ballista Dominion Ballista Pact Ballista 00018001,800 
  Covenant Battering Ram Dominion Battering Ram Pact Battering Ram 00018001,800 
  Covenant Fire Ballista Dominion Fire Ballista Pact Fire Ballista 00012001,200 
  Covenant Firepot Trebuchet Dominion Firepot Trebuchet Pact Firepot Trebuchet 00018001,800 
  Covenant Forward Camp 002000020,000 
  Covenant Iceball Trebuchet Dominion Iceball Trebuchet Pact Iceball Trebuchet 00018001,800 
  Covenant Lightning Ballista Dominion Lightning Ballista Pact Lightning Ballista 00012001,200 
  Covenant Meatbag Catapult Dominion Meatbag Catapult Pact Meatbag Catapult 00012001,200 
  Covenant Oil Catapult Dominion Oil Catapult Pact Oil Catapult 00012001,200 
  Covenant Scattershot Catapult Dominion Scattershot Catapult Pact Scattershot Catapult 00012001,200 
  Covenant Stone Trebuchet Dominion Stone Trebuchet Pact Stone Trebuchet 00018001,800 
  Cyrodilic Field Bar 00024002,400 
  Cyrodilic Field Brew 00024002,400 
  Cyrodilic Field Tack 00024002,400 
  Cyrodilic Field Tea 00024002,400 
  Cyrodilic Field Tonic 00024002,400 
  Cyrodilic Field Treat 00024002,400 
  Dominion Forward Camp 002000020,000 
  Flaming Oil 0000800800 
  Keep Door Woodwork Repair Kit 0000200200 
  Keep Recall Stone 002000020,000 
  Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kit 0000300300 
  Pact Forward Camp 002000020,000 
  Siege Repair Kit 0000200200 
  Soul Gem 0000750750 
  Soul Gem (Empty) 00000156156  


This section contains generic Siege Merchant dialogue, which is shared with Specialized Gear merchants.


"The best equipment for the Covenant's finest warriors, right here!"
"Only way to survive out there is to be prepared, trust me."
"Take a few minutes to peruse my wares, soldier. You won't be sorry."
"Before you head out to battle, warrior, let me know if you need anything."
"The Covenant provides only the very best equipment for its troops. Take a look!"
"Heading out to battle? Make sure you've got everything you need."
"My stock's only for warriors who've fought on the battlefields of Cyrodiil. Take a look."
"Don't waste my time if you haven't earned the right to these goods."
"You can look, but my equipment's only for battlefield warriors."
"Only those who've fought well for the Covenant can purchase from me."
"Only heroes of the Covenant may purchase my goods, warrior."
"Many come to look, but only heroes of the Covenant may purchase my stock."
"Know that only prowess on the battlefield earns one the right to claim my wares."
"You honor me with your presence, warrior. Peruse my wares?"
"Greetings, warrior. Look over my stock but claim only what you have earned."


"The right to purchase my wares is earned in battle, soldier."
"The Dominion requires your best effort, soldier. This is rewarded with the finest equipment and supplies."
"How can I help you?"
"Don't leave here unprepared, warrior."
"Yes? What do you need?"
"Greetings, warrior. How can I help you?"
"What can I do for you, soldier?"
"Choosing the proper equipment is half the battle, you know."
"The best equipment in the Dominion army is right here, soldier."
"Take a few minutes to look over my stock, soldier."
"This equipment is for heroes of the Dominion. Have you earned it?"
"Greetings, walker. You are here to purchase my wares, yes?"
"The battlegrounds of Cyrodiil require the best equipment, yes?"
"The Dominion has entrusted me with its finest equipment. It is given out only to those who have earned it."
"For a hero of the Dominion, my wares are a necessity."


"Success in war has its rewards. See for yourself, soldier."
"Heroes of the Pact have earned the finest equipment. I am honored to offer my stock."
"I extend greetings, warrior, and invite you to examine my wares."
"The Pact's finest warriors deserve the best equipment we can offer."
"If you have proven yourself on the battlefields, perhaps my stock would interest you?"
"Fools charge into battle, the wise prepare first. Which are you?"
"My equipment is only for heroes of the Pact!"
"The battlefields of Cyrodiil are littered with the bodies of the unprepared."
"Heading to battle? I have what you need!"
"The battlefield is a poor place to discover you lack vital equipment."
"Take a look at my stock, but only real warriors can claim these items."
"I sell only the best equipment, and only to the best warriors!"
"When you've fought for the Pact, you earn the right to my wares!"
"Few have earned the right to purchase my goods, soldier."
"Got some battles under your belt? Then take a look at my stock!"


  • There is next to no consistency in labeling Siege Merchants on the map, with all four of the following being used:        
  • Siege Merchants previously sold the items needed to craft in the Akaviri style.
  • The level and price of the food and drinks sold by Siege Merchants depends on your level at the time of purchasing. Unlike Delicacies, which are always listed as level 1 and scale with you, Cyrodilic Field food and drink have different versions of different levels; 1, 5, every multiple of 5 levels from 10 to 50, and Champion Point values  20, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 150. These will provide you with the highest possible bonus while you are between their listed level/Champion Point value and one below the next tier, and will slowly get weaker if you still have them in your inventory as you level. They also steadily increase in price, ranging from Data]](?)  to Data]](?) .