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ON-card-Scalecaller Crate Back.png
The dark secrets of Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair have remained undisturbed for untold centuries, but now their gates have been opened and their grim denizens have burst forth upon the wider world of Tamriel. Do you have the strength of will to master these sinister creations and use them for your own purposes?

This Season is themed after the Dragon Bones DLC Dungeon pack. It was available from March 15, 2018 to June 21, 2018.

The Radiant Apexes from this Season were not originally available for purchase with Crown Gems and could only be won in crates. This was changed after the crates were brought back from July 14 to 28, 2022.

The possible rewards are as follows, grouped by rarity with Radiant Apex rewards being the rarest.

Radiant Apex RewardsEdit

016001,600 Crown Gems / 012001,200 Crown Gems / 025002,500 Crown Gems / 012001,200 Crown Gems / 1600016,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Dragonfire Wolf.png
    Dragonfire Wolf
  • ON-card-Galvanic Storm Steed.png
    Galvanic Storm Steed
  • ON-card-Shadow-Rider Senche.png
    Shadow-Rider Senche
  • Apex RewardsEdit

    00400400 Crown Gems / 080008,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Frostbane Bear.png
    Frostbane Bear
  • ON-card-Frostbane Camel.png
    Frostbane Camel
  • ON-card-Frostbane Guar.png
    Frostbane Guar
  • ON-card-Frostbane Horse.png
    Frostbane Horse
  • ON-card-Frostbane Sabre Cat.png
    Frostbane Sabre Cat
  • ON-card-Frostbane Wolf.png
    Frostbane Wolf
  • ON-card-Resplendent Sweetroll.png
    Resplendent Sweetroll
  • Duplicate Apex rewards grant 00132132 Crown Gems from extraction, *except the Resplendent Sweetroll, which grants 00400400 Crown Gems and cannot be bought in the Gem Store.

    Legendary RewardsEdit

    00200200 Crown Gems
  • ON-card-Crown Crafting Motif 35 Dro-m'Athra Style.png
    Crown Crafting Motif 35:
    Dro-m'Athra Style
  • ON-card-Crown Crafting Motif 44 Silken Ring Style.png
    Crown Crafting Motif 44:
    Silken Ring Style
  • ON-card-Crown Crafting Motif 45 Mazzatun Style.png
    Crown Crafting Motif 45:
    Mazzatun Style
  • 00100100 Crown Gems / 036003,600 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Archaic Dragon Priest Mask.png
    Archaic Dragon Priest Mask
  • ON-card-Banner of Peryite.png
    Banner of Peryite
  • ON-card-Big-Eared Ginger Mouser.png
    Big-Eared Ginger Mouser
  • ON-card-Bone Dragon Summons Focus.png
    Bone Dragon
    Summons Focus
  • ON-card-Decayed Zombie.png
    Decayed Zombie
  • ON-card-Dragon Priest.png
    Dragon Priest
  • ON-card-Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Grand Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Great Elk.png
    Great Elk
  • ON-card-Instant All Research, Major.png
    Instant All Research, Major
  • ON-card-Magma Scamp.png
    Magma Scamp
  • ON-card-Pellitine Mustang.png
    Pellitine Mustang
  • ON-card-Peryite, the Taskmaster.png
    Peryite, the Taskmaster
  • ON-card-Sabre Cat.png
    Sabre Cat
  • ON-card-Sabre Cat Cub.png
    Sabre Cat Cub
  • ON-card-Senche-Tiger Cub.png
    Senche-Tiger Cub
  • ON-card-Tapestry of Peryite.png
    Tapestry of Peryite
  • ON-card-Tusked Dragon Priest Mask.png
    Tusked Dragon Priest Mask
  • Duplicate Legendary rewards grant 0003333 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Epic RewardsEdit

    0004040 Crown Gems / 020002,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Desert Garden Gala Overdress.png
    Desert Garden Gala
  • ON-card-Dragon Vassal Body Markings.png
    Dragon Vassal
    Body Markings
  • ON-card-Dragon Vassal Face Markings.png
    Dragon Vassal
    Face Markings
  • ON-card-Flameback Boar.png
    Flameback Boar
  • ON-card-Gold-Cap Shroom Shalk.png
    Gold-Cap Shroom Shalk
  • ON-card-Instant All Research.png
    Instant All Research
  • ON-card-Majestic Dune Rider Ensemble.png
    Majestic "Dune Rider"
  • ON-card-Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Major Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Malefic Standing Collar Hood.png
    Malefic Standing Collar Hood
  • ON-card-Necromantic Sigil Body Tattoos.png
    Necromantic Sigil
    Body Tattoos
  • ON-card-Necromantic Sigil Face Tattoos.png
    Necromantic Sigil
    Face Tattoos
  • ON-card-Scalecaller Frost Shard.png
    Scalecaller Frost Shard
  • ON-card-Soiree in Camlorn Evening Suit.png
    Soiree in Camlorn
    Evening Suit
  • ON-card-Vested Interest Banquet Garb.png
    "Vested Interest"
    Banquet Garb
  • ON-card-Wayrest Suede Doublet Ensemble.png
    Wayrest Suede Doublet
  • Duplicate Epic rewards grant 0001313 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Superior RewardsEdit

    0001616 Crown Gems / 010001,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Beaded Skull Chaplet.png
    Beaded Skull Chaplet
  • ON-card-Come Get Some.png
    Come Get Some
  • ON-card-Dragonbone Chain Body Marking.png
    Dragonbone Chain
    Body Marking
  • ON-card-Dragonbone Chain Face Marking.png
    Dragonbone Chain
    Face Marking
  • ON-card-Eternal Hunger Coronal.png
    Eternal Hunger Coronal
  • ON-card-Flip the Bird.png
    Flip the Bird
  • ON-card-Housecat.png
  • ON-card-I See You.png
    I See You
  • ON-card-Kick the Dirt.png
    Kick the Dirt
  • ON-card-Line in Sand.png
    Line in Sand
  • ON-card-Ruffian's Turban Balaclava.png
    Ruffian's Turban Balaclava
  • ON-card-Sacred Rhombus Circlet.png
    Sacred Rhombus Circlet
  • ON-card-Scalecaller Rune of Levitation.png
    Scalecaller Rune
    of Levitation
  • ON-card-Scholar.png
  • ON-card-Serpent Scale Body Marking.png
    Serpent Scale Body Marking
  • ON-card-Serpent Scale Face Marking.png
    Serpent Scale Face Marking
  • ON-card-Star-Brow Diadem.png
    Star-Brow Diadem
  • ON-card-Tan Morthal Mastiff.png
    Tan Morthal Mastiff
  • Duplicate Superior Rewards grant 00005Crown Gems from extraction.

    Fine RewardsEdit

    00005Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Combat Mystic's Stew.png
    Crown Combat
    Mystic's Stew
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Capacity.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Capacity
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Speed.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Speed
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Stamina.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Stamina
  • ON-card-Crown Repair Kit.png
    Crown Repair Kit
  • ON-card-Crown Soul Gem.png
    Crown Soul Gem
  • ON-card-Crown Stout Magic Liqueur.png
    Crown Stout
    Magic Liqueur
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Ragout.png
    Crown Vigorous Ragout
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Tincture.png
    Crown Vigorous Tincture
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Gold Coast Experience
  • Unwanted Fine Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.

    Common RewardsEdit

    00003Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Lethal Poison.png
    Crown Lethal Poison (25)
  • ON-card-Crown Mimic Stone.png
    Crown Mimic Stone
  • ON-card-Crown Tri-Restoration Potion.png
    Crown Tri-Restoration
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Debilitating Poison.png
    Gold Coast Debilitating
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Draining Poison.png
    Gold Coast Draining
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Enfeebling Poison.png
    Gold Coast Enfeebling
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Spellcaster Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Spellcaster
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Survivor
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Swift Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Swift
    Survivor Elixir
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Trapping Poison.png
    Gold Coast Trapping
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Warrior Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Warrior
  • Unwanted Common Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.


    Appearances: 6

    • March 15, 2018 - June 21, 2018
    • December 1, 2018 - December 6, 2018
    • January 16, 2020 - January 22, 2020 [1]
    • July 14, 2022 - July 28, 2022 [2] (now with SealsSeals Seals of Endeavor and Gem]]Crown Gem Crown Gems Radiant Apexes)
    • Daily rewards — May 2024
    • May 9, 2024 - May 23, 2024

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