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ON-card-Iron Atronach Crate Back.png
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A volcanic realm drifts silently through the void of Oblivion. Impossibly dense and boiling with malice, this molten hellscape produces only one thing in abundance: Iron Atronachs—towering behemoths driven by a relentless appetite for destruction. While few conjurers dare to call upon these titans, those that do gain powerful servants… or a grisly death.
Do you have the strength to tame these colossi? Summon up your iron will and claim these spoils of Oblivion for your own!

The Iron Atronach Crate is a Crown Crate themed after Iron Atronachs, a type of Elemental Daedra.

One crate was given upon launch of Update 30 to those who pre-purchased any of the four versions of the Blackwood Chapter. It first became available from June 17 to September 23, 2021.

The possible rewards are as follows, grouped by rarity with Radiant Apex rewards being the rarest.

Radiant Apex RewardsEdit

016001,600 Crown Gems / 025002,500 Crown Gems / 012001,200 Crown Gems / 1600016,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Black Forge Iron Senche.png
    Black Forge Iron Senche
  • ON-card-Sunflare Iron Wolf.png
    Sunflare Iron Wolf
  • ON-card-Viridian Iron Steed.png
    Viridian Iron Steed
  • Apex RewardsEdit

    00400400 Crown Gems / 080008,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach.png
    Iron Atronach
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Bear.png
    Iron Atronach Bear
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Camel.png
    Iron Atronach Camel
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Guar.png
    Iron Atronach Guar
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Horse.png
    Iron Atronach Horse
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Senche.png
    Iron Atronach Senche
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Wolf.png
    Iron Atronach Wolf
  • ON-card-Resplendent Sweetroll.png
    Resplendent Sweetroll
  • Duplicate Apex rewards grant 00132132 Crown Gems from extraction, *except the Resplendent Sweetroll, which grants 00400400 Crown Gems and cannot be bought in the Gem Store.

    Legendary RewardsEdit

    00100100 Crown Gems / 036003,600 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Brimstone Nixad.png
    Brimstone Nixad
  • ON-card-Bull Kagouti Charger.png
    Bull Kagouti Charger
  • ON-card-Dappled Elinhir Camel.png
    Dappled Elinhir Camel
  • ON-card-Deadlands Chandelier, Bladed.png
    Deadlands Chandelier, Bladed
  • ON-card-Deadlands Excoriated.png
    Deadlands Excoriated
  • ON-card-Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Grand Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Hist-Tsoko.png
  • ON-card-Inferno Cleats.png
    Inferno Cleats
  • ON-card-Instant All Research, Major.png
    Instant All Research, Major
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Battle Axe.png
    Iron Atronach Battle Axe
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Bow.png
    Iron Atronach Bow
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Dagger.png
    Iron Atronach Dagger
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Shield.png
    Iron Atronach Shield
  • ON-card-Iron Atronach Staff.png
    Iron Atronach Staff
  • ON-card-Naryu's Morag Tong Costume.png
    Naryu's Morag Tong Costume
  • ON-card-Nibenese Noble's Shawled Robe.png
    Nibenese Noble's Shawled Robe
  • ON-card-Nightmare Firestalker Cub.png
    Nightmare Firestalker Cub
  • ON-card-Solstheim Lunar Wolf.png
    Solstheim Lunar Wolf
  • Duplicate Legendary rewards grant 0003333 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Epic RewardsEdit

    0004040 Crown Gems / 020002,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Blow Bubbles.png
    Blow Bubbles
  • ON-card-Crochet.png
  • ON-card-Deadlands Cage, Bladed.png
    Deadlands Cage, Bladed
  • ON-card-Deadlands Sconce, Horned.png
    Deadlands Sconce, Horned
  • ON-card-Deadlands Scorpion.png
    Deadlands Scorpion
  • ON-card-Hearthfire Hatchling.png
    Hearthfire Hatchling
  • ON-card-Impartial Decision Coin.png
    Impartial Decision Coin
  • ON-card-Instant All Research.png
    Instant All Research
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Courting Helm.png
    Knight-Aspirant Courting Helm
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Tourney Helm.png
    Knight-Aspirant Tourney Helm
  • ON-card-Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Major Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Morag Tong Spatter Lenses.png
    Morag Tong Spatter Lenses
  • ON-card-Nibenese Laurel Coronet.png
    Nibenese Laurel Coronet
  • ON-card-Stallion-Liege Brow Medallion.png
    Stallion-Liege Brow Medallion
  • ON-card-Stitchfur Cavy.png
    Stitchfur Cavy
  • ON-card-Tourmaline Swamp Jelly.png
    Tourmaline Swamp Jelly
  • Duplicate Epic rewards grant 0001313 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Superior RewardsEdit

    0001616 Crown Gems / 010001,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Dagon's Aspirant Body Markings.png
    Dagon's Aspirant Body Markings
  • ON-card-Dagon's Aspirant Face Markings.png
    Dagon's Aspirant Face Markings
  • ON-card-Fire Salts.png
    Fire Salts
  • ON-card-Goldspine Boar.png
    Goldspine Boar
  • ON-card-Hallin's Jackal.png
    Hallin's Jackal
  • ON-card-Iliac Spotted Goat.png
    Iliac Spotted Goat
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Cuirass.png
    Knight-Aspirant Cuirass
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Gauntlets.png
    Knight-Aspirant Gauntlets
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Girdle.png
    Knight-Aspirant Girdle
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Greaves.png
    Knight-Aspirant Greaves
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Helm.png
    Knight-Aspirant Helm
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Pauldrons.png
    Knight-Aspirant Pauldrons
  • ON-card-Knight-Aspirant Sabatons.png
    Knight-Aspirant Sabatons
  • ON-card-Necrom Ghostgazer Cat.png
    Necrom Ghostgazer Cat
  • ON-card-Scutecicle Haj Mota.png
    Scutecicle Haj Mota
  • ON-card-Sea Sapphire Dovah-Fly.png
    Sea Sapphire Dovah-Fly
  • ON-card-Spicy Soup.png
    Spicy Soup
  • ON-card-Sul-Xan Prophet Body Markings.png
    Sul-Xan Prophet Body Markings
  • ON-card-Sul-Xan Prophet Face Markings.png
    Sul-Xan Prophet Face Markings
  • ON-card-Triptych Motion Body Markings.png
    Triptych Motion Body Markings
  • ON-card-Triptych Motion Face Markings.png
    Triptych Motion Face Markings
  • ON-card-Wasten Coraldale Mudcrab.png
    Wasten Coraldale Mudcrab
  • Duplicate Superior Rewards grant 00005Crown Gems from extraction.

    Fine RewardsEdit

    00005Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Combat Mystic's Stew.png
    Crown Combat
    Mystic's Stew
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Capacity.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Capacity
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Speed.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Speed
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Stamina.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Stamina
  • ON-card-Crown Repair Kit.png
    Crown Repair Kit
  • ON-card-Crown Soul Gem.png
    Crown Soul Gem
  • ON-card-Crown Stout Magic Liqueur.png
    Crown Stout
    Magic Liqueur
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Ragout.png
    Crown Vigorous Ragout
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Tincture.png
    Crown Vigorous Tincture
  • ON-card-Darkheart - Angst and Blood Tears.png
    Darkheart: Angst and Blood Tears
  • ON-card-Darkheart - Beguiling Agony.png
    Darkheart: Beguiling Agony
  • ON-card-Darkheart - Beloved Nightmares.png
    Darkheart: Beloved Nightmares
  • ON-card-Darkheart - Obsession's Rose.png
    Darkheart: Obsession's Rose
  • ON-card-Darkheart - Rage-Tempered Loss.png
    Darkheart: Rage-Tempered Loss
  • ON-card-Darkheart - Ruby Regrets.png
    Darkheart: Ruby Regrets
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Gold Coast Experience
  • Unwanted Fine Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.

    Common RewardsEdit

    00003Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Lethal Poison.png
    Crown Lethal Poison (25)
  • ON-card-Crown Mimic Stone.png
    Crown Mimic Stone
  • ON-card-Crown Tri-Restoration Potion.png
    Crown Tri-Restoration
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Debilitating Poison.png
    Gold Coast Debilitating
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Draining Poison.png
    Gold Coast Draining
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Enfeebling Poison.png
    Gold Coast Enfeebling
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Spellcaster Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Spellcaster
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Survivor
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Swift Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Swift
    Survivor Elixir
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Trapping Poison.png
    Gold Coast Trapping
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Warrior Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Warrior
  • Unwanted Common Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.


    Appearances: 2

    • June 17, 2021 - September 23, 2021
    • May 11, 2023 - May 25, 2023

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