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Stalk the wilds in frost-sharpened air. Tame mounts fueled by the fury of ancient battles. Track prey along the river Karth and sing songs of glory to Red Eagle, Diamond's Doom. Do you dare take up arms alongside the witchfolk of the Reach?
These venerable clans hold fast to ancient traditions, passed down by the tale-telling vateshrans. What part will you play in their tales to come? When will you rage?
ON-card-Ragebound Crate Back.png
ON-icon-store-Ragebound Crate.png

The Ragebound Crate is a discontinued Crown Crate. This season is themed after the Reach. It was available for individual purchase starting from Thursday, March 30, 2023 until June 22, 2023. They are the first crates to be sold in a 25-crate bundle, together with an otherwise-unavailable Shade polymorph.

Radiant Apex RewardsEdit

016001,600 Crown Gems / 012001,200 Crown Gems / 025002,500 Crown Gems / 1600016,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Harrowforged Durzog.png
    Harrowforged Durzog
  • ON-card-Icerage Bear.png
    Icerage Bear
  • ON-card-Voidmother's Welwa.png
    Voidmother's Welwa
  • Apex RewardsEdit

    00400400 Crown Gems / 080008,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Flesh of the Harrowed.png
    Flesh of the Harrowed
  • ON-card-Ragebound Bear.png
    Ragebound Bear
  • ON-card-Ragebound Durzog.png
    Ragebound Durzog
  • ON-card-Ragebound Harness.png
    Ragebound Harness
  • ON-card-Ragebound Kagouti.png
    Ragebound Kagouti
  • ON-card-Ragebound Sabre Cat.png
    Ragebound Sabre Cat
  • ON-card-Ragebound Steed.png
    Ragebound Steed
  • ON-card-Resplendent Sweetroll.png
    Resplendent Sweetroll
  • Duplicate Apex rewards grant 00132132 Crown Gems from extraction, *except the Resplendent Sweetroll, which grants 00400400 Crown Gems and cannot be bought with Crown Gems (but can be bought with 080008,000 Seals of Endeavor).

    Legendary RewardsEdit

    00100100 Crown Gems / 036003,600 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Bitter Coast Recall.png
    Bitter Coast Recall
  • ON-card-Bloodrage Bow.png
    Bloodrage Bow
  • ON-card-Bloodrage Dagger.png
    Bloodrage Dagger
  • ON-card-Bloodrage Battle Axe.png
    Bloodrage Battle Axe
  • ON-card-Bloodrage Shield.png
    Bloodrage Shield
  • ON-card-Bloodrage Staff.png
    Bloodrage Staff
  • ON-card-Crown Crafting Motif 55 Dreadhorn Style.png
    Crown Crafting Motif 55:
    Dreadhorn Style
  • ON-card-Crown Crafting Motif 67 Welkynar Style.png
    Crown Crafting Motif 67:
    Welkynar Style
  • ON-card-Duskember Fox.png
    Duskember Fox
  • ON-card-Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Grand Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Instant All Research, Major.png
    Instant All Research, Major
  • ON-card-Karth River Sabre Cat.png
    Karth River Sabre Cat
  • ON-card-Key Harp.png
    Key Harp
  • ON-card-King's Guard Ram.png
    King's Guard Ram
  • ON-card-Orb of the Spirit Queen.png
    Orb of the Spirit Queen
  • ON-card-Rain's Hand Renewal.png
    Rain's Hand Renewal
  • ON-card-Reach Witch Removal.png
    Reach Witch Removal
  • ON-card-Target Hagraven, Robust.png
    Target Hagraven, Robust
  • Duplicate Legendary rewards grant 0003333 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Epic RewardsEdit

    0004040 Crown Gems / 020002,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Aerial Escapades.png
    Aerial Escapades
  • ON-card-Balfieran Nose Studs.png
    Balfieran Nose Studs
  • ON-card-Crow-Heart Skull Sallet.png
    Crow-Heart Skull Sallet
  • ON-card-Eyes of the Scamp.png
    Eyes of the Scamp
  • ON-card-Foe Crusher.png
    Foe Crusher
  • ON-card-Icerage Helm.png
    Icerage Helm
  • ON-card-Instant All Research.png
    Instant All Research
  • ON-card-Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Major Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Menevian Coachdog.png
    Menevian Coachdog
  • ON-card-Mercymother's Coronet.png
    Mercymother's Coronet
  • ON-card-Mercymother's Crown.png
    Mercymother's Crown
  • ON-card-Play Pan Flute.png
    Play Pan Flute
  • ON-card-Reach Chandelier, Hagraven.png
    Reach Chandelier, Hagraven
  • ON-card-Rite of the Harrowforged.png
    Rite of the Harrowforged
  • ON-card-Sungard Sabre Cat.png
    Sungard Sabre Cat
  • ON-card-South Weald Prairie Dog.png
    South Weald Prairie Dog
  • ON-card-Topknot Cascade.png
    Topknot Cascade
  • ON-card-Xylo Pollen Bat.png
    Xylo Pollen Bat
  • Duplicate Epic rewards grant 0001313 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Superior RewardsEdit

    0001616 Crown Gems / 010001,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Balfieran Sentinel Helm.png
    Balfieran Sentinel Helm
  • ON-card-Balfieran Sentinel Pauldrons.png
    Balfieran Sentinel Pauldrons
  • ON-card-Balfieran Sentinel Cuirass.png
    Balfieran Sentinel Cuirass
  • ON-card-Balfieran Sentinel Gauntlets.png
    Balfieran Sentinel Gauntlets
  • ON-card-Balfieran Sentinel Greaves.png
    Balfieran Sentinel Greaves
  • ON-card-Balfieran Sentinel Sabatons.png
    Balfieran Sentinel Sabatons
  • ON-card-Briarheart Face Scarification.png
    Briarheart Face Scarification
  • ON-card-Briarheart Body Scarification.png
    Briarheart Body Scarification
  • ON-card-Grahtwood Fisher.png
    Grahtwood Fisher
  • ON-card-Hircine's Chosen Body Marks.png
    Hircine's Chosen Body Marks
  • ON-card-Hircine's Chosen Face Marks.png
    Hircine's Chosen Face Marks
  • ON-card-Heartland River Crab.png
    Heartland River Crab
  • ON-card-Mercymother's Body Art.png
    Mercymother's Body Art
  • ON-card-Mercymother's Face Art.png
    Mercymother's Face Art
  • ON-card-Rimmen Jerboa.png
    Rimmen Jerboa
  • ON-card-Silver-Bellied Guarling.png
    Silver-Bellied Guarling
  • ON-card-Vvardvark.png
  • ON-card-Yoltoor Dovah-Fly.png
    Yoltoor Dovah-Fly
  • Duplicate Superior Rewards grant 00005Crown Gems from extraction.

    Fine RewardsEdit

    00005Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Combat Mystic's Stew.png
    Crown Combat
    Mystic's Stew
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Capacity.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Capacity
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Speed.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Speed
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Stamina.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Stamina
  • ON-card-Crown Repair Kit.png
    Crown Repair Kit
  • ON-card-Crown Soul Gem.png
    Crown Soul Gem
  • ON-card-Crown Stout Magic Liqueur.png
    Crown Stout
    Magic Liqueur
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Ragout.png
    Crown Vigorous Ragout
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Tincture.png
    Crown Vigorous Tincture
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Gold Coast Experience
  • Unwanted Fine Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.

    Common RewardsEdit

    00003Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Lethal Poison.png
    Crown Lethal Poison (25)
  • ON-card-Crown Mimic Stone.png
    Crown Mimic Stone
  • ON-card-Crown Tri-Restoration Potion.png
    Crown Tri-Restoration
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Debilitating Poison.png
    Gold Coast Debilitating
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Draining Poison.png
    Gold Coast Draining
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Enfeebling Poison.png
    Gold Coast Enfeebling
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Spellcaster Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Spellcaster
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Survivor
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Swift Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Swift
    Survivor Elixir
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Trapping Poison.png
    Gold Coast Trapping
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Warrior Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Warrior
  • Unwanted Common Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.


    Appearances: 2

    • March 30, 2023 - June 22, 2023
    • December 7, 2023 - December 14, 2023

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