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"Poetry is the sharpest blade a warrior can wield. Do you have the wherewithal to stand your ground, as does a proud kwama queen? Or do you offer your throat as the gentle guar? Take up the glassine armor of the Buoyant Armiger in service to Lord Vivec!
And in return for your service and artistry? Ride forth with treasures from the Telvanni Peninsula. Arm yourself with flair and panache, or seek the best the mycoturges have to offer. This is your moment, Armiger. In Vehk's name!"
ON-card-Buoyant Armiger Crate Back.png
ON-icon-store-Buoyant Armiger Crate.png

The Buoyant Armiger Crate is a discontinued crown crate themed after the Buoyant Armigers. It was available for individual purchase from September 21, 2023 until November 30, 2023 at 10AM EST.

In addition to the usual crate offerings, they were sold in a 5-crate bundle with the Spellscar Salamander pet, and a 25-crate bundle with the Spellscar Sheathe skin, and both collectibles are otherwise unavailable through any other means such as crown gems or seals of endeavor. Each of the special bundles can only be purchased once.

Radiant Apex RewardsEdit

016001,600 Crown Gems / 012001,200 Crown Gems / 025002,500 Crown Gems / 1600016,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Harrowstorm Destrier.png
    Harrowstorm Destrier
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Senche.png
    Necrom Armiger Senche
  • ON-card-Spellscar Quasigriff.png
    Spellscar Quasigriff
  • Apex RewardsEdit

    00400400 Crown Gems / 080008,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Buoyant Armiger Bear.png
    Buoyant Armiger Bear
  • ON-card-Buoyant Armiger Dwarven Spider.png
    Buoyant Armiger Dwarven Spider
  • ON-card-Buoyant Armiger Kagouti.png
    Buoyant Armiger Kagouti
  • ON-card-Buoyant Armiger Ornaug.png
    Buoyant Armiger Ornaug
  • ON-card-Buoyant Armiger Ram.png
    Buoyant Armiger Ram
  • ON-card-Harrowing Reaper (polymorph).png
    Harrowing Reaper
  • ON-card-Necrom Evening Attire.png
    Necrom Evening Attire
  • ON-card-Resplendent Sweetroll.png
    Resplendent Sweetroll
  • Duplicate Apex rewards grant 00132132 Crown Gems from extraction, *except the Resplendent Sweetroll, which grants 00400400 Crown Gems and cannot be bought with Crown Gems (but can be bought with 080008,000 Seals of Endeavor).

    Legendary RewardsEdit

    00100100 Crown Gems / 036003,600 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Grand Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Instant All Research, Major.png
    Instant All Research, Major
  • ON-card-Ashlander's Fungal Beat.png
    Ashlander's Fungal Beat
  • ON-card-Bound Pickaxe Strike.png
    Bound Pickaxe Strike
  • ON-card-Crafting Motif 30 Morag Tong Style.png
    Crown Crafting Motif 30:
    Morag Tong Style
  • ON-card-Crafting Motif 105 Crimson Oath Style.png
    Crown Crafting Motif 105:
    Crimson Oath Style
  • ON-card-Elden Root Elk.png
    Elden Root Elk
  • ON-card-Goldscale Guar.png
    Goldscale Guar
  • ON-card-Hunter's Carved Bone.png
    Hunter's Carved Bone
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Body Markings.png
    Necrom Armiger Body Markings
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Battle Axe.png
    Necrom Armiger Battle Axe
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Bow.png
    Necrom Armiger Bow
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Shield.png
    Necrom Armiger Shield
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Staff.png
    Necrom Armiger Staff
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Sword.png
    Necrom Armiger Sword
  • ON-card-Oleander Senche-Serval.png
    Oleander Senche-Serval
  • ON-card-Preening Peacock.png
    Preening Peacock
  • ON-card-Redoran Sconce, Beetle.png
    Redoran Sconce, Beetle
  • ON-card-Spellscar Bridge.png
    Spellscar Bridge
  • Duplicate Legendary rewards grant 0003333 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Epic RewardsEdit

    0004040 Crown Gems / 020002,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Major Gold Coast
    Experience Scroll
  • ON-card-Instant All Research.png
    Instant All Research
  • ON-card-Ancestral Haj Mota.png
    Ancestral Haj Mota
  • ON-card-Armiger Axing.png
    Armiger Axing
  • ON-card-Auroran Commander Helm.png
    Auroran Commander Helm
  • ON-card-Chaotic Creatia Cub.png
    Chaotic Creatia Cub
  • ON-card-Chimer Half-Mask.png
    Chimer Half-Mask
  • ON-card-Cliff Racer Catastrophe.png
    Cliff Racer Catastrophe
  • ON-card-Coiled Bob.png
    Coiled Bob
  • ON-card-Color Streaked River Braid.png
    Color Streaked River Braid
  • ON-card-Discord Dremnaken Runt.png
    Discord Dremnaken Runt
  • ON-card-Harvestleaf Lacquer.png
    Harvestleaf Lacquer
  • ON-card-Mycoturge Fascinator.png
    Mycoturge Fascinator
  • ON-card-Harrowstorm Mists.png
    Harrowstorm Mists
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Face Markings.png
    Necrom Armiger Face Markings
  • ON-card-Necrom Attire Hood.png
    Necrom Attire Hood
  • ON-card-Necrom Podium, Buoyant Armiger.png
    Necrom Podium, Buoyant Armiger
  • ON-card-Necrom Prelate Robes.png
    Necrom Prelate Robes
  • ON-card-Orc Wise Woman's Vestment.png
    Orc Wise Woman's Vestment
  • ON-card-Peninsula Hermit Crab.png
    Peninsula Hermit Crab
  • ON-card-Play Netch Bagpipes.png
    Play Netch Bagpipes
  • Duplicate Epic rewards grant 0001313 Crown Gems from extraction.

    Superior RewardsEdit

    0001616 Crown Gems / 010001,000 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Ashen Cliff Strider.png
    Ashen Cliff Strider
  • ON-card-Ashsorrow Vvardvark.png
    Ashsorrow Vvardvark
  • ON-card-Classic Ordinator Armor.png
    Classic Ordinator Armor
  • ON-card-Clockwork Nix-Hound.png
    Clockwork Nix-Hound
  • ON-card-Dreamstrider Body Art.png
    Dreamstrider Body Art
  • ON-card-Dreamstrider Face Art.png
    Dreamstrider Face Art
  • ON-card-Ebontusk Pocket Mammoth.png
    Ebontusk Pocket Mammoth
  • ON-card-Elder Dragon Body Marks.png
    Elder Dragon Body Marks
  • ON-card-Elder Dragon Face Marks.png
    Elder Dragon Face Marks
  • ON-card-Fungal Ash Hopper.png
    Fungal Ash Hopper
  • ON-card-Grazelands Gentlemer Farmer.png
    Grazelands Gentlemer
  • ON-card-Mycoturge Body Markings.png
    Mycoturge Body Markings
  • ON-card-Mycoturge Face Markings.png
    Mycoturge Face Markings
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Arm Cops.png
    Necrom Armiger Arm Cops
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Belt.png
    Necrom Armiger Belt
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Boots.png
    Necrom Armiger Boots
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Bracers.png
    Necrom Armiger Bracers
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Guards.png
    Necrom Armiger Guards
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Helmet.png
    Necrom Armiger Helmet
  • ON-card-Necrom Armiger Jack.png
    Necrom Armiger Jack
  • ON-card-Senchal Striped Cat.png
    Senchal Striped Cat
  • ON-card-Snowbarrow Boar.png
    Snowbarrow Boar
  • ON-card-Wolf-Lizard Pup.png
    Wolf-Lizard Pup
  • Duplicate Superior Rewards grant 00005Crown Gems from extraction.

    Fine RewardsEdit

    00005Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Combat Mystic's Stew.png
    Crown Combat
    Mystic's Stew
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Capacity.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Capacity
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Speed.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Speed
  • ON-card-Crown Lesson - Riding Stamina.png
    Crown Lesson:
    Riding Stamina
  • ON-card-Crown Repair Kit.png
    Crown Repair Kit
  • ON-card-Crown Soul Gem.png
    Crown Soul Gem
  • ON-card-Crown Stout Magic Liqueur.png
    Crown Stout
    Magic Liqueur
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Ragout.png
    Crown Vigorous Ragout
  • ON-card-Crown Vigorous Tincture.png
    Crown Vigorous Tincture
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Experience Scroll.png
    Gold Coast Experience
  • Unwanted Fine Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.

    Common RewardsEdit

    00003Crown Gems / 00360360 Seals of Endeavor
  • ON-card-Crown Lethal Poison.png
    Crown Lethal Poison (25)
  • ON-card-Crown Mimic Stone.png
    Crown Mimic Stone
  • ON-card-Crown Tri-Restoration Potion.png
    Crown Tri-Restoration
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Debilitating Poison.png
    Gold Coast Debilitating
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Draining Poison.png
    Gold Coast Draining
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Enfeebling Poison.png
    Gold Coast Enfeebling
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Spellcaster Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Spellcaster
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Survivor
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Swift Survivor Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Swift
    Survivor Elixir
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Trapping Poison.png
    Gold Coast Trapping
  • ON-card-Gold Coast Warrior Elixir.png
    Gold Coast Warrior
  • Unwanted Common Rewards grant 00001Crown Gems from extraction.


    Appearances: 1

    • September 21, 2023 - November 30, 2023

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