Online:Sneak Thief Extraordinaire

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ON-icon-achievement-Pocket Pilferer.png Pocket Pilferer
ON-icon-achievement-Purse Snatcher.png Purse Snatcher
ON-icon-achievement-Sneak Thief Extraordinaire.png Sneak Thief Extraordinaire
Type Justice Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Dye Forest Footpad GreenForest Footpad Green
Pocket Change (image) (00000500500 Gold)
Noble Pocket Lint (image) (000010001,000 Gold)
Successfully pickpocket [one / one hundred / one thousand] citizens of Tamriel.

Sneak Thief Extraordinaire and its preceding achievements are awarded for successfully picking many citizens' pockets. The Light Fingers skill will help considerably. Khajiit will also have a bit of an edge on this one. Even so, expect to be caught a fair amount, especially early on before you acquire enough points in the skills that help you to avoid detection. The second and third achievements will allow you to purchase Pocket Change and Noble Pocket Lint for your home. They cost 00000500500 Gold and 000010001,000 Gold, respectively and can be purchased from any Outlaws Refuge Merchant.