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Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-A Gift from Orsinium.png A Gift from Orsinium 5 Come visit the Orcs' newly rebuilt capital city: Orsinium! Pet: Echalette
ON-icon-achievement-Hero of Wrothgar (desktop).png Hero of Wrothgar 50 Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Hero of Wrothgar. Title: Hero of Wrothgar
Museum Pieces
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Relic Hunter.png Wrothgar Relic Hunter 15 Collect 16 relics for the House of Orsimer Glories museum.

ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Relic Hunter.png Wrothgar Master Relic Hunter 50 Collect all 20 relics for the House of Orsimer Glories museum.
ON-icon-fish-Slaughterfish.png Wrothgar Master Angler 5 Catch all 12 rare fish in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Hooking Wrothgar's Biggest Catch.png Hooking Wrothgar's Biggest Catch 10 Catch the rare Crab-Slaughter-Crane fish found in Wrothgar.
Style Motifs
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Ancient Orc Style Master 50 Learn every chapter in the Ancient Orc style book, found by defeating foes in Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft.
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Malacath Style Master 50 Learn every chapter in the Malacath style book, found by completing daily quests for Arzorag inside Skalar's Hostel.
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Trinimac Style Master 50 Learn every chapter in the Trinimac style book, found by completing daily quests for Guruzug in Morkul.


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-One Last Brawl.png One Last Brawl 10 Grant 5 elderly Orc warriors a glorious death.
ON-icon-achievement-Orsinium Patron.png Orsinium Patron 5 Make 15 donations to the Orsinium City Solicitor.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Cliff Jumper.png Wrothgar Cliff Jumper 5 Leap from the cliff west of Frostbreak Ridge and survive.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Group Event.png Wrothgar Master Explorer 15 Discover and clear all caves and striking locales in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Discover Locales.png Wrothgar Master Seeker 10 Discover all of the striking locales in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-misc-Skyshard.png Wrothgar Skyshard Hunter 15 Find all 17 Skyshards in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Dungeon.png Wrothgar Master Delver 10 Discover and clear all 6 explorable caves in Wrothgar.

ON-icon-achievement-Argent Mine Explorer.png Argent Mine Explorer 5 Explore and clear Argent Mine.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Vanquisher.png Coldperch Cavern Explorer 5 Explore and clear Coldperch Cavern.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Conqueror.png Nikolvara's Kennel Explorer 5 Explore and clear Nikolvara's Kennel.
ON-icon-achievement-Thukhozod's Sanctum Explorer.png Thukhozod's Sanctum Explorer 5 Explore and clear Thukhozod's Sanctum.
ON-icon-achievement-Watcher's Hold Explorer.png Watcher's Hold Explorer 5 Explore and clear Watcher's Hold.
ON-icon-achievement-Zthenganaz Explorer.png Zthenganaz Explorer 5 Explore and clear Zthenganaz.
World Bosses
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Group Event.png Defender of Orsinium 15 Defeat 4 Wrothgar world bosses.

ON-icon-achievement-Kill Corintthac the Abomination.png Kill Corintthac the Abomination 10 Kill the Winterborn Briarheart Warrior, Corintthac the Abomination, at the Accursed Nursery.
ON-icon-achievement-Kill King-Chief Edu.png Kill King-Chief Edu 10 Kill the Riekr regent King-Chief Edu at the King-Chief's Throne.
ON-icon-achievement-Kill Mad Urkazbur the Ogre.png Kill Mad Urkazbur the Ogre 10 Kill Mad Urkazbur at the Mad-Ogre's Altar.
ON-icon-achievement-Kill Nyzchaleft.png Kill Nyzchaleft 10 Kill Nyzchaleft the Dwarven Centurion at Nyzchaleft Falls.
ON-icon-achievement-Kill Old Snagara.png Kill Old Snagara 10 Kill Old Snagara the echatere in the Poacher's Encampment.
ON-icon-achievement-Kill Zandadunoz the Reborn.png Kill Zandadunoz the Reborn 10 Defeat Zandadunoz the Reborn at the Unfinished Dolmen.
Public Dungeons
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Dungeon.png Wrothgar Dungeon Slayer 15 Complete both Wrothgar public dungeon boss achievements.

ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Group Event.png Old Orsinium Group Event 50 Resist the cultist onslaught in Old Orsinium.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Vanquisher.png Old Orsinium Vanquisher 15 Defeat 3 champions in the Old Orsinium public dungeon.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Conqueror.png Old Orsinium Conqueror 50 Defeat all of the champions in Old Orsinium.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Group Event.png Rkindaleft Group Event 50 Activate the ancient centurion in Rkindaleft.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Vanquisher.png Rkindaleft Vanquisher 15 Defeat 3 champions in the Rkindaleft public dungeon.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Conqueror.png Rkindaleft Conqueror 50 Defeat all of Rkindaleft's champions.


Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Newcomer.png Wrothgar Newcomer 10 Complete 3 quests in Wrothgar. Orsinium Cart (image) (0001000010,000 Gold)

ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Explorer.png Wrothgar Explorer 10 Complete 9 quests in Wrothgar. Orc Adventuring Backpack (image) (00000500500 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Trailblazer.png Wrothgar Trailblazer 10 Complete 15 quests in Wrothgar. Orcish War Totem (image) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Pathfinder.png Wrothgar Pathfinder 10 Complete 21 quests in Wrothgar. Orcish Battle Totem (image) (000075007,500 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Adventurer.png Wrothgar Adventurer 10 Complete 27 quests in Wrothgar. Fur Throne (image) (0002500025,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Grand Adventurer.png Wrothgar Grand Adventurer 15 Complete 40 quests in Wrothgar. Orcish Totem (image) (0001000010,000 Gold)
Main Quest
ON-icon-achievement-Orc King's Councilor.png Orc King's Councilor 10 Complete quest "A King-Sized Problem" in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Orc King's Marshal.png Orc King's Marshal 10 Complete quest "The Anger of a King" in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Orc King's Conqueror.png Orc King's Conqueror 10 Complete quest "Blood on a King's Hands" in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Kingmaker (desktop).png Kingmaker 15 Complete Wrothgar's main quests. Title: Kingmaker
Throne of the Orc King (image) (0005000050,000 Gold)
Delve Dailies
ON-icon-achievement-A Delve a Day.png A Delve a Day 5 Complete 1 Delve Daily in Wrothgar.

ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Delve Weekly.png Wrothgar Delve Weekly 10 Complete 7 Delve Dailies in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Wrothgar Delve Monthly.png Wrothgar Delve Monthly 15 Complete 30 Delve Dailies in Wrothgar.
World Boss Dailies
ON-icon-achievement-One at a Time.png One at a Time 5 Complete 1 group boss daily quest in Wrothgar.

ON-icon-achievement-Lucky Seven.png Lucky Seven 10 Complete 7 group boss daily quests in Wrothgar.
ON-icon-achievement-Monster Hunter of the Month.png Monster Hunter of the Month 15 Complete 30 group boss daily quests in Wrothgar.

Maelstrom ArenaEdit

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Maelstrom Arena Champion (desktop).png Maelstrom Arena Champion 15 Conquer all challengers and earn the title of Maelstrom Arena Champion. Blademaster's Mauve
Title: Maelstrom Arena Champion
Trophy: Argonian Behemoth (image)

ON-icon-achievement-Maelstrom Arena Conqueror (desktop).png Maelstrom Arena Conqueror 50 Conquer all challengers in Veteran Maelstrom Arena. Title: Stormproof
Bust: Argonian Behemoth (image)
ON-icon-achievement-Maelstrom Arena Perfect Run.png Maelstrom Arena: Perfect Run 50 Conquer all challengers in Veteran Maelstrom Arena in a single attempt, without dying or leaving the arena. Title: The Flawless Conqueror