Elder Scrolls Online: Races
A male Huntsman
A female Huntsman

Huntsmen are humanoid Daedra who serve Hircine. Killing them furthers your progress in killing Humanoid Daedra for the Daedra Slayer achievement, and Expert Hunter detects them as Daedra. Little is known about them, besides that they wear the skins of their kills as their armor and are considerably bloodthirsty. They make references to taking the flesh of mortals, and living as them after their deaths, as well as hunting on Nirn, implying that they will hunt back on the mortal plane using the identity of their prey. They are native to the Hunting Grounds, and can also be found in the Maelstrom Arena's fifth round, the Rink of Frozen Blood. Upon death, they drop Daedra Hearts.

Hunting Grounds
Huntsman Davlinn
Huntsman Duneir
Huntsman Gamir
Huntsman Mar-Gamir
Maelstrom Arena
Huntsman Chillbane
Huntsman Frostbiter
Huntsman Heartfinder



The Hunstmen in Malabal Tor have shared dialogue that occurs when you engage them in combat.

"With your flesh I shall hunt!"
"I shall have your skin!"
"As your hunt ends, mine begins!"
"Your supple flesh will be mine, creature!"
"Not fair for you to live! But soon it shall be, once I live as you!"
"Die! Die so I live!"
"Your life will be mine!"
"The flesh is fleeting!"
"Nirn will be my hunting ground!"


  • The helms and shoulders worn by Huntsmen in the Hunting Grounds/Maelstrom Arena are from the unique Hawk's Eye set. The rest of their apparel is medium armor in the Daedric Style.
  • Like other humanoid Daedra in the game, they use the features of other races as a basis (looking similar to Bosmer, Bretons, and Imperials).
  • The Herne are similar Daedra, though they are not the same creatures since the Herne that appear in-game have a different appearance.