Dwemer Ruin:
Library of Arkthzand
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Explorable Location
Discoverable Yes
Completion (?)
Skyshards 1
Anomaly, Dwarven Scarab, Shroom Beetle, Void Crystal
Chaurus Reaper, Dwarven Sphere, Dwarven Architon Arbalest, Dwarven Architon Archer, Dwarven Architon Judicator, Dwarven Architon Slicer, Dwarven Architon Steamknight, Shade Colossus, Shade, Shade Brute, Void Rot
Halls of Arkthzand: Death Hound, Gray Host Archer, Gray Host Darkblade, Gray Host Fearmonger, Gray Host Skullguard, Gray Host Soldier
Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern
Northern end of the cavern
Connected Realms
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"One must wonder what the Dwarves studied in these imposing halls. This world was not enough for them, I think. I don't know where they went, but I suspect they took that dissatisfaction with them." —Count Verandis Ravenwatch
Library of Arkthzand

The Library of Arkthzand is an expansive Dwemer ruin in northwestern Blackreach. It served as a place for scholarly pursuit when the Dwarves were around.

The Arkthzand Great Lift is located outside the library's wall, to the north. Philosopher's Cradle is located southwest of the library, and Ghostlight Grotto is to the east.

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Library of ArkthzandEdit

Access to the library's grounds is somewhat restricted; the library is sat atop a cliff which is inaccessible from some vantages. One way to reach it is to head southeast of Bthar-Zel and point your cursor at the green portal thing on the cliff, known as a Void Anomaly. When you use the prompt to interact with it, you'll be teleported up. Teleport up the next ledge and climb across the ridge, heading west. There's a broken bridge with a skyshard and a Dwarven Centurion on it. Ghostlight Grotto lies to the west (south of the skyshard), and another Void Anomaly is across the bridge. A chest can spawn on the library's side of the bridge. A Chaurus Reaper loiters to the left of the ballista in front of the complex wall's eastern entrance.

The complex's courtyard is inhabited by hostile constructs and shadow creatures, which are at war with each other. The observatory is the central building, but its front entrance is locked until the end of the related quest. A chest is located behind the observatory. The southern side of this building contains an entrance blocked by rubble. An entrance to the Library of Arkthzand is located south of this blocked door. There is a water skin next to the door, and a chest down the walkway south from the library's southern entrance.

Arkthzand Research WingEdit

Arkthzand Research Wing

Accessible from the northern half of the courtyard via Void Portals, the Research Wing grants you access to interior portion of the library during The Study of Souls. Architons patrol the halls.

A chest can spawn within an alcove above the entrance in the first room (on the eastern side of the room). Another chest can spawn between a bookshelf and a wall, up the stairs in the southwestern corner of the room.

Containment ChamberEdit

Containment Chamber

The Containment Chamber contains a mechanism controlled by Void Crystals to quarantine a dangerous subject. Pentarch Cievernes attempted to meddle with the device, only to be trapped within. The door on the east side of the room leads further into the ruin.

Halls of ArkthzandEdit

Halls of Arkthzand

The Gray Host has taken up residence in the halls beyond the Containment Chamber.

Arkthzand OrreryEdit

Arkthzand Orrery

The Halls of Arkthzand eventually lead to the observatory's Observation Deck.


Arkthzand Wayshrine is located east of the ruin, in front of Bthar-Zel.