Dwemer Ruin:
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Explorable Location
Discoverable Yes
Dwarven Scarab, Dwarven Spider, Dwarven Sphere, Dwarven Centurion
Dwarven Architon Judicator, Dwarven Architon Scorcher, Dwarven Architon Steamknight, Dwarven Architon Subjugator
Dwarven Architon Archer
Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern
North of Deep Folk Crossing
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"The lost city of Bthar-Zel? Of course I know it. You think we Reachfolk don't have legends, same as you? A silver city it was, home of the richest Dwarflords. And their metal beasts." —Baldach

Bthar-Zel is a Dwarven ruin in the northwestern corner of the Reach. The Bthar-Zel Vaults contain a vast quantity of silver. You can acquire several Dwarven Scarab pet part leads by killing Dwarven Architons inside Bthar-Zel.

The northwestern chamber is closest to the entrance you come through during Blood of the Reach. The chamber through the hallway the south is a forge-like room which several Architons are maintaining. If you instead head east from the northwestern chamber, you'll enter a grand hall with a long table and several soul gems. The large chamber where the southwestern and central-western chambers converge is in the center of the ruins, and resembles a plaza in a city. The Bthar-Zel Vaults lie through the hallway to the south in this chamber. If you head east, you'll end up in the streets of Bthar-Zel. You can access Arkthzand Cavern from here.

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