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Online:Guildhall (Silvenar)

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The Silvenar Guildhall

The Silvenar Guildhall is a guildhall housing both the Fighters and the Mages Guild branches in Silvenar. It is situated on two levels in one of the Silvenar Great Tree trunks. Spinner Einrel home is located above the guildhall.

The armsman's tent can be found outside, near the entrance. The first level of the guildhall is occupied by the Fighters Guild. It is a one-room space equipped with two training dummies and an archery target. Two weapon stands and an armor stand found here can contain free pieces of weaponry or armor. For more of those make sure to check a shelf on the right. There is a chance to find some provisioning or alchemical ingredients in storage containers. A cooking fire opposite the entrance can be used for making food and drinks. The hall steward can be found by the fire. A cage, a bear trap and a grinding stone stored along the right wall are inoperable.

To the left from the main entrance there is a winding ramp to the second floor marked by the Mages Guild banner. At the end of the ramp there is an opening into the mages' quarters. This is the mid level of the trunk. Some more storage containers are here. Three bookshelves contain tomes on lore and culture. To the right from the entrance there is a passage to the next trunk.

Spinner Einrel home is on the top level. It can be accessed via a ladder found in the Mages Guild quarters.

While the Hound tries to keep the Silvenar out of the city, the guildhall is overrun by Houndsmen and werewolves. The Guilds' services become available once Silvenar is restored with your help.

The Mages Guild entrance

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  • The guildhall is not marked on the in-game map.

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