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Dame Dabienne
Home Settlement Koeglin Village
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Knights of the Flame
Dame Dabienne

Dame Dabienne is a Breton member of the Knights of the Flame who was sent to assist Koeglin Village from Alcaire Castle. However when she arrived, Constable Pascal thought her to be an accomplice to the Ember-Eye Slavers and arrested her.

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False AccusationsEdit

When she is first encountered, she is locked in the stocks at the center of Koeglin Village and will beg for you to hear her out and assist her.

"Whoever you are, you've got to help me.
I know what this looks like, but I can assure you—I have committed no crime."
Then why are you in the stocks?
"The local constable is apparently two arrows shy of a quiver. The town was attacked by slavers, and he's accused me of being involved!
I am a Knight of the Flame, for Mara's sake—sent here to help secure the village!"
Does he have any evidence against you?
"Just that I arrived in town right before the attack. It's absurd.
Nerves are on edge at the castle so I was sent to help protect the village. A messenger should've arrived ahead of me, but Constable Pascal says he never received the message."
Let me talk to the constable.
"I'm glad you came along. The constable's down by the docks. If he won't listen to reason, try to find the messenger from Alcaire Castle. He can explain everything.
If you can get me released, the Knights of the Flame will be in your debt."

You can then talk with her about possible reasons behind her imprisonment and the situation at Alcaire Castle.

Is it possible you were set up?
"I can't imagine who would do such a thing.
If that is the case though, someone needs to send word to the Knights of the Flame at Alcaire Castle."
Who exactly are the Knights of the Flame? / Tell me more about the Knights of the Flame.
"The Knights of the Flame are sworn to defend Stormhaven from any who would do harm to the Bretons.
But our primary duty is to protect the royal Family—High King Emeric of course, and his brother, Duke Nathaniel at Alcaire Castle to the north."
You said nerves are on edge at Alcaire Castle? / You said nerves were on edge at the castle?
"Indeed. All kinds of rumors.
Spies at court. An attempt on the Duchess Lakana's life. An army of Redguards with orders to storm the castle.
Sir Hughes, the head of the Knights of the Flame, sent me here to make sure the village remains secure."

Come back to her during the quest and she'll comment on her situation:

"I never imagined that getting locked in the stocks could be this painful.
I hope you haven't forgotten about me."

During your investigation, Sabyssa will have convinced the other residents that Constable Pascal's behavior is off and the crew of The Tava's Bounty will have come ashore to free Dabienne. Pascal will now be in the stocks while the knight stands to the side, you can then speak with her.

"Oh, my aching neck .… I haven't been this sore in years, but freedom sure does feel good.
This situation was more dangerous than I realized. You went way beyond the call of duty here, friend.
I can't adequately express my gratitude."
I'm glad we straightened this all out.
"Not as glad as I am. Believe me.
It seems I'll need to take over security here in the village, and with those slavers out there, I need to get busy.
First though, I'm going to see if someone around here can give me a massage."

To Alcaire CastleEdit

After receiving a reward for your services, Dame Dabienne will ask for your further assistance as she believes that you can help with the situation at Alcaire Castle.

"The villagers may not realize it, but you saved this town from crumbling into chaos.
I mentioned before that I came from Alcaire Castle. The situation there is critical, and I think you might be able to make a difference."
What's the problem at Alcaire Castle?
"I could give you a list to be sure, but my concerns are more general.
There are rumors of assassins and spies in the castle, and as I was leaving, I heard something about a Redguard army marching in that direction."
Why would the Redguards attack?
"Good question. We're all part of the Daggerfall Covenant, right? Maybe it was a false report.
All the same, you should go. Talk to Messenger Cordier when you get there. I asked him to announce your coming to Duke Nathaniel."
I'll look for him at the castle.

Speaking to her again:

"I certainly hope I'm not asking too much of you. I am, of course, in your debt.
I just can't ignore the fact that you might be able to set matters straight up there at the castle.
Wherever you go, I wish you safe travels."


You can find her in Wayrest Castle after saving King Emeric.

"So first you freed me, and now you saved the king? You certainly do keep busy. You're an inspiration too.
I hope we run into each other again."
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