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Mannimarco's stronghold in Coldharbour, the Castle of the Worm is a monument to the necromancer's hubris. Built by soul-shriven slaves and dark magics, this castle is the final stop for countless innocents before their souls are stolen, turning them into mindless, undead slaves.
Castle of the Worm
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Discoverable No
Dungeon No
# of Zones 1
Flesh Atronach, Worm Cult Necromancer, Worm Cult Savage, Worm Cult Thrall, Warden Cornexius
Corpse Tearer, Clannfear, Dremora Kynval, Dremora Churl, Dremora Caitiff
Haunter of the Cliffs, Dremora Kyngald, Worm Cult Assassin
Mannimarco, Skeletal Pyromancer, Skeletal Ravager, Skeleton Berserker
Quest Chain
Main Quest
Other Buildings
Solo Instance Solo Instance
Solo Only Yes
The Inner Keep of the Castle of the Worm

The Castle of the Worm is Mannimarco's stronghold in Coldharbour. The castle was built by Soul Shriven and dark magics, and is the final stop for countless innocents before their souls are stolen. The location is split into seven zones.

Related QuestsEdit

Castle of the WormEdit

Wretched SqualorEdit

The Wretched Squalor

Svaritra can be found sitting in a chair west of the Ruined House. Across the street from her, a Record of Taxation for Year's End lies on the ground in a ruined home full of Soul Shriven. Famazar is rummaging through rubble on the porch of a house even further west than Svaritra. A soul shriven's diary can be found in the house behind him. A flesh atronach patrols the town's square. Gahznar lingers near the square. Helena resides in the camp by the river. Warden Cornexius and a Worm Cult Savage are confronting Cadwell in a ruined residence by the river. Thralls and Necromancers patrol the shanty town.

Castle CisternEdit

Castle Cistern

Corpse Tearers and Clannfear can be found feeding on bodies here.

Inner KeepEdit

Soul Shriven in the Inner Keep

Tower of BonesEdit

An Anchorite's Log can be found in the first chamber. The Haunter of the Cliffs can be found at the cliffs. You will create a Runty Flesh Atronach in the laboratory here. A Slave's Diary can be found on a natural stone pavilion overlooking a cliff.

Tower SummitEdit

Tower Summit

Dremora Kyngalds, Kynvals, Churls and Caitiffs will appear via portal to attempt to keep you from progressing along the path. Abnur Tharn labors here. Two Worm Cult Assassins are watching over Tharn.

Path of the ScornedEdit

Path of the Scorned

Zone 7Edit


Wretched Squalor
Castle Cistern
Inner Keep
(right to left) Tower of Bones, Tower Summit, Path of the Scorned