Elder Scrolls Online: People
(lore page)
Location Hidden Moon Crypts — The Dark Adept's Crypt
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 119538 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) The Order of the Hidden Moon (Former)
Condition Dro-m'Athra

Arum-Khal, also known as the Dark Adept, is a Khajiit lich who has been causing problems in the Ashen Scar. His physical form is found in the Hidden Moon Crypts, though he can use his phylacteries to travel between realms.

He was originally an adept of the Hidden Moon Order, who dealt with the Dro-m'Athra in the name of Azurah. He turned from her in a quest for power and betrayed his best friend and brother, Shando-ri, resulting in a civil war among the adepts which tore the temple apart. Though he was successfully bound by the surviving adepts, over the years the wards have deteriorated, making it the choice time to extend his influence.

Related QuestsEdit

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

When fought in the Crypts, he will use shadow magic to fight:

Bolt of Darkness
Will shoot shadow magic from his staff, causing minor magical damage.
Wave of Darkness
With a wave of his hand, several small moving purple AOEs will radiate from in front of him.
Weight of the Void
Shadowy forces will pick you up and then slam you down into the ground hard.
Quick Attack
A basic melee ability that deals physical damage.

Quest Related EventsEdit

The Witch of AzurahEdit

Arum-Khal during Mazza-Mirri's vision

After you destroy the dark Orb which weakens Vastarie, his shadowy spirit will appear from the fragments to taunt you:

Arum-Khal: "Your pathetic magics are useless here, witch of Azurah."
Arum-Khal: "Flee while you can. The hour of my return has come."

Path of the Hidden MoonEdit

During Mazza-Mirri's story, you will witness visions of Arum-Khal's downfall.

The Moonlight BladeEdit

"You always did underestimate me, Shando."

Once you arrive in his Crypt, he will be waiting for you:

Arum-Khal: "Azurah's pet arrives at last. I will teach you to fear the dark."

Though you best him in battle, his shade will take hold of Shando-ri's spirit, after the latter hesitates to strike the final blow:

Arum-Khal: "You always did underestimate me, Shando."
Shando-ri: "Destroying me will not save you, brother. Another wields the Moonlight Blade."
Arum-Khal: "And they will share your fate soon enough."

He will then disappear into his own realm. You will need to follow him there to deal with his dark spirit and stop him once and for all.

Arum-Khal is redeemed

Back in Elsweyr, Vastarie has a plan to try and reconstitute Shando-ri's spirit. While you assist using the Moonlight Blade, Vastarie will perform the ritual. The results are surprising:

Shando-ri: "Shando-ri is whole? Azurah shows me mercy."
<Arum-Khal's spirit appears.>
Arum-Khal: "Shando … is that you?"
Shando-ri: "Yes, brother. It's time to go home."
Arum-Khal: "It's so dark. I can't …."
Shando-ri: "Come. I will show you the way."

With that, the two brothers depart from the world.