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Dark Adept Arum-Khal
ON-npc-Dark Spirit of Arum-Khal.jpg
Dark Adept Arum-Khal
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Died 2E 582
Arum-Khal's Realm
Resided in Elsweyr
Appears in ESO

The Dark Adept, Arum-Khal, was a Khajiit lich who fell into Namiira's grasp in ages long past. Originally an adept with the Order of the Hidden Moon, he got his start redeeming dro-m'Athra in Azurah's name. He was curious, always asking questions. He was also described as impatient. These qualities in part lead to his downfall. He was a powerful member of the Order, and very proud of that fact. He was considered as a candidate to wield the Moonlight Blade, a relic given as a gift to the Order by Azurah.[1]

When the time came for a new blade-bearer to be selected, Arum-Khal's friend and rival, Shando-ri, was picked over him. Arum-Khal became bitter, sending him over the edge. He renounced his faith and fell to the Darkness, bringing many of the Order's adepts with him. He incited a civil war, which destroyed the Order of the Hidden Moon. The remaining members of the original Order managed to weaken Arum-Khal, but they could not kill him. He hid fragments of his spirit in his phylacteries as a last resort, allowing the Order to trap him within using wards, which faded over time. Arum-Khal survived within the phylacteries, which connected to a realm of darkness of his own design.[1]

In 2E 582, the Vestige arrived at the ruins of the Temple of the Hidden Moon, where they investigated strange instances of the dead rising from their rest.[2] The Vestige managed to pass the Order of the Hidden Moon's trials and became the last bearer of the Moonlight Blade.[3] They then vanquished Arum-Khal once and for all in the Order's crypts, entering his realm using the Moonlight Blade and destroying his spirit.[4] The necromancer Vastarie then performed a ritual to draw every speck of light from Arum-Khal's realm, inadvertently retriving the remaining kernel of light from Arum-Khal's sundered soul. Fortunately, this redeemed version of him was no threat to Tamriel and was able to pass on to the Sands Behind the Stars alongside his fellow adepts.[5]


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