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Locate the remains of an Argonian separated from the Hist.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Bezeer at Deep Graves
Location(s): White Rose Prison
Prerequisite Quest: Broken Apart
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Leveled Experience
Bezeer believes his mother's remains lie in White Rose Prison, away from the swamp waters. Her spirit is unable to return to the Hist.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Bezeer at the Deep Graves xanmeer.
  2. Find the remains of Najeepa at White Rose Prison.
  3. Reunite Najeepa's remains with her spirit.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Bezeer sits waiting at the inner south edge of Deep Graves' xanmeer. Speak to him to begin the quest. He tells you about his mother, Najeepa, who was one of the last people to enter White Rose Prison before the Imperials fled Shadowfen. She died there, and her spirit remains separated from the Hist. He can't approach the place since it's been taken over by the cannibalistic prisoners. He explains that in order for her spirit to rejoin the Hist, at least some of her remains must be buried properly. You offer to find her corpse, which he is grateful for.

Najeepa's spirit can be found on the road between Zuuk and White Rose Prison. She's restless, and longs to join with the land and return to the Hist. When asked about herself and her son, she says that Bezeer was her only child, and mentions that she died atop a tower in White Rose Prison. Najeepa seems to have resigned herself to her fate, believing she'll never rejoin her son.

Enter White Rose Prison's grounds and climb the northeastern tower. You'll find Najeepa's skeleton at the summit, by the edge of the tower. Collect the remains, and then return to Najeepa's spirit on the road and speak with her to complete the quest. She is at peace, and disappears after the quest is complete.

Quest StagesEdit

A Final Release
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should search the prison towers for any signs of Bezeer's mother. Her spirit has not yet left. I should be able to identify her remains.
Objective: Find Najeepa's Remains
I found the spirit of Bezeer's mother. She told me where her remains are. I should go to the tower within the prison and retrieve whatever is left of her remains.
Objective: Find the Remains of Bezeer's Mother
☑Finishes quest I've retrieved Najeepa's remains from White Rose Prison. I should bring them to her spirit, so she can finally rest.
Objective: Bring Najeepa's Remains to her Spirit