Location Deep Graves
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Bezeer is an Argonian found at the Deep Graves. He is Najeepa's only child.

Related QuestsEdit

  • A Final Release: Locate the remains of an Argonian separated from the Hist.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

"Excuse me for not rising. I'm not as spry as the hatchling I once was.
Look out there, outsider. What do you see? Sadness? What of the ones who can never find their way to this place of rest? What of the ones lost to us forever?"
Sounds like you have a story about such things.
"More than a story. My mother Najeepa was one of the last to enter the White Rose Prison before the Imperials fled. She died there.
Since the prisoners took over, I can't approach the place. Now spirits remain separate from the Hist. That is the greater sadness."
There's nothing that can be done? A ceremony, at least?
"No, it is not our way. If her spirit is to return to the Hist, some part of her must be buried properly.
Then she would be reunited with us, even after all this time."
I'll head to White Rose and look for her.

After the quest:

"You found her, didn't you? I felt it. The rain and sun blended together.
Knowing she and I will meet again comforts me. Thank you."