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Online:White Rose Prison

The Second Empire tried to incorporate Black Marsh into the rest of Tamriel, but the Imperials weren't sure what it was good for. Eventually the bureaucrats of Imperial City decided it was a good place to build prisons, sites where prisoners of all sorts could be sent to be forgotten.
Quest Hub:
White Rose Prison
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Ebonheart Pact
Discovery Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Skyshards 1
Erranza; Galeria; Gerent Hernik; Inmate; Jurni; Marcel; Milam; General Raetus;

Hostile: Feral Devourer; Feral Prisoner.

Venomous FensShadowfen
West of the Hatching Pools
White Rose Prison

White Rose Prison is a fort in western Shadowfen, west of the Hatching Pools.

The interior of White Rose Prison

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A map of White Rose Prison
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