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Oblivion:Cure Poison

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OB-icon-Cure.png Cure Poison
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Effect ID CUPO
Base Cost 600
Barter Factor 0
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Cure Poison

Cure Poison heals any negative effects caused by a poison. This effect has neither magnitude nor duration.

Note that this effect only affects active poisons. For example, if you are hit with a poison of illness, doing ten health damage instantly, cure poison will have no effect, since the poison has already dispelled on its own. However, poisons with a duration, such as paralyze poisons, can be cured to prevent the poison from running its full course.


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Alchemy IngredientsEdit

Combine any of the following alchemy ingredients to create a potion of Cure Poison:


Note: Since this effect has no magnitude or duration, wortcraft is as good as alchemy. You can cure any poison effects by eating a Hound Tooth or Hunger Tongue straight.