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Joined 11 May 2009
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User-userbox-IRC.jpg Hello UESPUs- oh he logged off...
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about me
Home City Outside Chorrol
House Battlethorn Castle
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 37 Class Battlemage
Available Almost never, due to 2 jobs
Training Destruction, Blade, Light Armor, Wiki Markup
Other Information
Health 723 Magicka 200
Faction(s) Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, UESPWiki Patroller

I've been playing Morrowind ever since 2004 on the Xbox then later got it on the PC. I have Oblivion for the Xbox 360 and for the PC(1-31-10). I bought The Infernal City (3/30/10) and have read it over a few times. If you have any questions about anything just post a question here or you can usually contact me on the IRC chatroom and I will respond as soon as I am able. I'm majorly Patrolling in my spare time, so obviously my edits have slowed. I am working two jobs at the moment and have been way too busy balancing that, Highschool (OUT :D), and all the crap I do with my friends. I will be more active than I have in the past months for sure, I ccould never leave for long.


Yes my username is spelled incorrectly. I am completely aware and it is on purpose. Well, now anyways, it started as a typo back in '05 but it grew on me so I kept it. I have several accounts on other websites under this name or C0revette789. So if you see me feel free to say hi!

Wiki Activity

I am in top 50 editors at 32nd. (top editors can be seen here) and I finally made Patroller!!

Style Layout

No, I am not some template master. The Userpage style credit goes to Rpeh, The new section button is NX's and the sig is Daedryons design. I'm a uncreative thief, watch yourself :).

Sandboxes and Subs
My Links
  • 30 second refresh on the Recent Changes page
  • CorBot, my IRC bot (production mostly halted)
  • everything on my Javascript Monobook
  • Firefox as a browser
  • Hardcore, self-scripted mIRC for IRC usage
  • Compaq great until I need graphics support
  • Windows 7 Ultimate as an OS
  • Verizon DSL
  • Oblivion CS
  • Morrowind CS
Contact Info
Corevette789 - Xbox Live Gamertag (I am not usually online and I do not have a Xbox Live gold account) but feel free to say hi if you happen to see me on! - UESPWiki email strictly for Wiki business.