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Shafaye's House
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Console Location Code(s)
Pell's Gate
Shafaye's House

Shafaye's House is a house on the western side of Pell's Gate, across from Irroke the Wide's House.

It is the residence of Shafaye, and consists of only one zone, Shafaye's House.



Shafaye's HouseEdit

The house is quite small, consisting of only a single room. In the western end, two barrels containing food are on either side of the western entrance, with a sack containing clutter next to the southern barrel and a chair and a table holding a bread loaf, six samples of crab meat, and stone tableware next to the northern barrel. Along the northern wall is a chair in front of a lit fireplace, another chair near a set of drawers containing clothing with a Nirnroot plant on top, and an owned single bed where Shafaye sleeps. Along the southern wall is the southern entrance, a chest containing clutter, and an owned single bed. In the eastern end are two barrels, a sack, and a cupboard that all contain food, a set of shelves holding cheap tableware, and six samples of ginseng inside one of two baskets.


  • There is no key to this location, and both doors are always unlocked. Entering, however, is considered trespassing.