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An Imperial Legion Forester
A Forester inspecting his prize

Occasionally, if you venture out into the wilds, you'll encounter an Imperial Legion Forester. All of the Foresters are male Imperials and are usually hunting deer on foot. They are all equipped with a silver bow and steel arrows and wear varying combinations of fur, leather, and Imperial Legion armor. They will comment on the weather if you talk to them. A total of thirteen Foresters (four variations) can be found in the game.

The only topic generally available when you talk to them is "Rumors", though other topics such as "Gray Fox" or "Prophet"KotN may appear at the appropriate points of various quests. Apart from that, Imperial Legion Foresters will treat you like any guardsman, meaning they'll attempt to arrest you if you have a bounty on your head. In that case, if they accost you, they'll give you the standard options of "Pay Gold", "Go to Jail", and "Resist Arrest".

ID Locations Notes
0018B11A Leather boots, gauntlets, and greaves
Legion cuirass
0018BA84 Legion boots, gauntlets, and greaves
  • West of Bruma, past Applewatch
  • West of Bruma, closer to the city
  • West of Bruma, closer to the city
Fur gauntlets and greaves
Legion boots, cuirass, and helmet
0006B592 Leather boots and bracer
Legion greaves


When you approach an Imperial Legion Forester, they may whisper:

"Shhh! You'll spook the deer!"

They will sometimes provide commentary on the weather if you initiate a conversation with them:

Weather Condition Dialogue
Always Available "I don't see many wanderers out here in the wild. But you look like you can take of yourself."
Snowing "By the gods, the snow's coming down! What brings you out here in the cold, citizen?"
Raining "Well now, I didn't expect to see anyone else foolish enough to venture out here in the rain! How do you fare, citizen?"


Imperial Legion Foresters attacking each other
  • One notable quirk with the Foresters' AI is their tendency to get into fights with other Legion members. Whenever a Forester hunts for a deer (i.e., whenever a deer passes by), any nearby guards or Legion members (including any other Foresters) will chase and attack the Forester. The two NPCs will invariably fight to the death. One place where fights between Foresters are particularly common is west of Bruma, near Applewatch, where two Foresters patrol fairly close to each other.