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Morrowind:Staff of Magnus (artifact)

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Staff of Magnus
Artifact: Staff of Magnus (staff_magnus_unique)
(lore page)
Type Blunt Two Hand
Damage Damage
Chop 5−15 Slash 1−10
Thrust 5−15 Ratio 26.5
Health Health 4,000
Health Health 4,000
Speed 1.75
Speed 1.75 Reach 1.8
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 210,000
Cast When Used
Spell Absorption Spell Absorption 25−50% for 60 secs on Self
Restore Health Restore Health 1 pt for 60 secs on Self
Charge/Cost = Uses 5,700/1,140 = 5
Staff of Magnus

The Staff of Magnus, one of the elder artifacts of Tamriel, was a metaphysical battery of sorts for its creator, Magnus. When used, it absorbs an enemy's health and mystical energy. In time, the Staff will abandon the mage who wields it before he becomes too powerful and upsets the mystical balance it is sworn to protect.Yagrum Bagarn, Tamrielic Lore

It is carried by Dreveni Hlaren in the cave of Assu, in the mountains northwest of Molag Mar.

Ajira gives you a quest to find this staff after you reach the rank of Warlock in the Mages Guild.


  • With the Tribunal expansion, this artifact can be sold to Torasa Aram in the museum for 30,000 gold.
    • However, you should keep it until you have shown it to Ajira to progress the Quest.
  • This staff also appeared in Arena and Daggerfall with similar enchantments. In Skyrim it appeared with different effects.