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Skyrim:Staff of Magnus

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Artifact: Staff of Magnus (00035369)
(lore page)
Type Staff
Editor ID MG07StaffofMagnus
Weight Weight 8 Value Value 1468
Absorb 20 magicka per second. If the target is out of magicka, absorb health instead.
Charge/Cost = Uses 5000/106=47 seconds
Staff of Magnus

The Staff of Magnus is a unique item in its appearance and functions similarly to the staves of flames, frost, and sparks, which all feature a constant firing when used until their charge is depleted.

When fired, the Staff of Magnus emits a stream of energy that has a significantly larger range than other forms of concentration spells (i.e. Flames, Sparks, Frostbite), excluding the master-level Destruction spell Lightning Storm.

The staff has an unusually large charge capacity and features a unique effect of draining 20 points of magicka per second from its target and will start draining health instead if the target has no magicka, so it is particularly useful against high level mages like Master Necromancers.

Related QuestsEdit


The staff appears to be a greenish blue orb surrounded by several spikes with a green-blue gem at the bottom.


The staff itself can be found within Labyrinthian, but the section that it resides in is only accessible if you have the Torc of Labyrinthian from starting the quest The Staff of Magnus, one of the later quests from the College of Winterhold.

The staff is carried by the dragon priest Morokei, and can be looted from his corpse once he's dead.



  • A second staff may be lootable from Morokei. While confirmed to occur, the circumstances under which this happens are unknown; see the talk page for more information.
  • The staff might not actually absorb health, even after the target has been completely drained of magicka. The staff will instead absorb a seemingly endless amount of magicka, even when the staff is fired at the target until completely drained of its charge.
  • When wielding only the Staff of Magnus, your unarmed attack will increase in speed significantly.
  • When placing the staff on a weapon rack in a Hearthfire home, the staff may vanish and be irretrievable.
  • The staff may not be equippable.
    •   Use the console command player.equipitem 35369 to forcibly equip the staff. If you unequip it, you may or may not have to repeat the command to re-equip it.