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Fatleg's Drop Off
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Console Location Code(s)
Hla Oad, Fatleg's Drop Off
Hla Oad, [-6.-5]
Fatleg's Drop Off

Fatleg's Drop Off is a tradehouse and Camonna Tong hideout in Hla Oad.

Only Trasteve and Ra'Zhid are visible when you enter, as most of the building is underground, conveniently out of the sight of the Hlaalu guards.

In total there are four merchants, although none of them have much gold.

An almost full set of Steel armor and a random steel weapon can be found in the basement. To find the crates, enter the trap door and swim through the small tunnel into the next room. Once in the next room, use the wood fragments to climb onto the ledge. On the ledge you'll see three crates containing the items. Easier to reach is a copy of Surfeit of Thieves, a Security skill book, which can be found on the table next to Falvis Tunel. Tunel owns the book, however, so be careful if you decide to take it.

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Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Dalam Gavyn   Dark Elf Smith Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 116 92 100 30 Merchant; Repairs
Falvis Tunel   Dark Elf Drillmaster 9 94 112 0 30
Llemisa Marys   Dark Elf Thief Service Camonna Tong Tough(Tough) 9 76 106 100 30 Merchant; Trainer
Perien Aurelie   Breton Pawnbroker 7 66 140 100 30 Merchant
Ra'Zhid   Khajiit Smuggler 7 74 90 90 50
Rabinna   Khajiit Slave 4 60 84 0 10
Relam Arinith   Dark Elf Smuggler Camonna Tong Brute(Brute) 10 100 94 0 30
Trasteve   Redguard Trader Service 9 104 86 100 30 Merchant