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Dwemer Ruin:
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Dwemer Centurions
Console Location Code(s)
Nchuleftingth (Exterior)

Nchuleftingth, Lower Levels
Nchuleftingth, Test of Pattern
Nchuleftingth, Upper Levels

Molag Amur, [10,-3]
The Dwemer ruin Nchuleftingth

Nchuleftingth is located south of Uvirith's Grave in the central Molag Amur region, and it is marked on the world map.

This Dwemer Ruin is where Edwinna Elbert may send you on a Mages Guild quest to retrieve an excavation report.

Nchuleftingth is divided into three sections: the Lower and Upper levels, and the Test of Pattern.

Related QuestsEdit

Mages GuildEdit


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Anes Vendu   Dark Elf Commoner 2 0 82 0 30 Lower Levels
Pania Cadiusus   Imperial Noble 8 81 81 0 30 Upper Levels
Senilias Cadiusus   Imperial Mage Mages Guild Warlock(Warlock) 13 85 140 0 30 Upper Levels


Nchuleftingth Upper LevelEdit

Upper level

There are no enemies here. Two NPCs, Senilias and Pania Cadiusus are here though, working on the excavation, who inform you that Anes is missing, and he had the excavation report. To the right from these two fellows is a small amount of Dwemer clutter and a few Dwemer Coins. There is a key to Nchuleftingth lying on a table next to a bottle of flin. There are couple of sacks next to this table, which hold ingredients.

In the opposite direction, heading northwest, is a shelf which has four Dwemer cogs. Further to the southeast is a Dwemer telescope, with a Dwemer coherer next to it and a Dwemer cylinder on a ledge.

Nchuleftingth Test of PatternEdit

Test of Pattern

The only point of note is that there are three cranks in this room. The furthest crank from the door to the upper level is the one that opens the passage to the lower level. The other two cranks are traps.

Nchuleftingth Lower LevelEdit

Lower level

Upon entering, there is small area which needs either levitation or a similar effect to reach. This area only contains three kegs however. There are four Dwemer enemies here and one that is already dead. There are some important items here: a copy of Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale, a key to a locked (15) chest that is on the floor beside a bed frame, and Anes Vendu's corpse, which has the excavation report. In same room as Vendu, there's a few Dwemer Cogs and some other Dwemer clutter.


Nchuleftingth, interior map