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Type Dwemer Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
(Molag Amur)
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Nchuleftingth ca. 2E 582

Nchuleftingth is a large ruined dwarven citadel found on the mountain slopes of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. Situated in the volcanic wastes of Molag Amur, it is found in the middle of Foyada Nadanat which allows easy access to the site.[1] The ruins were built in the latter years of Dwemer activity in the region for unspecified research purposes. Scholars have theorized and speculated on what exactly was being researched,[2] but what is known is that Nchuleftingth is one of the two biggest dwarven sites on the island, the other being Mzuleft on the north coast.[3]


Nchuleftingth was built in the latter years of the Dwemer's reign over Vvardenfell, which ended in 1E 700 with the Battle of Red Mountain.[4] While its purpose is currently unknown, it is known by some circles that it contains an artifact of significance called the Bthark Prism, whose purpose is also unknown. Some scholars in the Second Era, believed that it was some sort of codex that translates Tonal patterns into a legible script.[5]

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the ruins were explored by the treasure hunter, Artist Lenarmen and his hired mercenaries, the Bronzefist. Lenarmen believed that Nchuleftingth contained the Heart of Lorkhan, an aedric artifact of immense power that had ended up well beneath the caldera of Red Mountain. During his trek, he encountered another explorer, Neramo and his crew, and drove them out of the ruins before taking Neramo's dwarven control rod.[6] Lenarmen had complete control of the dwemer animunculi in the ruins. In retaliation, Neramo sent his second-favorite assistant to rescue anyone stuck in the ruins and defeat Lenarmen before he can cause more havoc. While the Heart of Lorkhan was nowhere to be found, the Bthark Prism was safely recovered by Neramo and his assistant. He began studying the prism moments later.[7]

During the Blight Outbreak in 3E 427, Nchuleftingth had been occupied by the Imperial Archaeological Commission, who were expediting the ruins under the authority of Senilias Cadiusus. They studied the ruins for days on end and would report to the Mages Guild in Ald'ruhn. Still, throughout their time, there was nothing worth documenting.[8] The Mages Guild eventually sent one of their own to recover one of Senilias' reports when he did not respond accordingly. Senilias sent the associate to the lower levels of the ruins to find his assistant, Anes Vendu and the rest of his report. But once they did find him, he was already dead.[1] The Guild associate had at one point picked up the rare book, the Hanging Gardens from the depths of Nchuleftingth. It was later used with other rare books to decipher their Aldmeris text and uncover the truth of the Dwemer's disappearance, at the behest of Arch-Mage, Trebonius Artorius.[9]


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