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The numbers on this page represent the highest value which your skill may be at in order to receive training. The trainers can thus raise your skill one point higher than what is listed, with the exception of the Master Trainers, since no skill may be trained above 100.

MW-icon-skill-Marksman.jpg MarksmanEdit

Level Trainer Location Other Skills Notes
100 Missun Akin Falasmaryon, Missun Akin's Hut Long Blade (72) Athletics (72)
75 Aradraen Vivec, Foreign Quarter, Aradraen: Fletcher Medium Armor (56) Sneak (54) Added by the Area Effect Arrows plugin.
64 Dunsalipal Dun-Ahhe Sadrith Mora, Morag Tong Guild Short Blade (69) Light Armor (64) Morag Tong service.
56 Gilyan Sedas Balmora, Morag Tong Guild Short Blade (62) Light Armor (56)
54 Bolnor Andrani Balmora, Hlaalu Council Manor Short Blade (58) Light Armor (54)
Lassour Zenammu Ald'ruhn, Morag Tong Guildhall Short Blade (58) Light Armor (54)
52 Foves Arenim Caldera, Governor's Hall Short Blade (57) Light Armor (52) House Hlaalu Service
Vedran Balen Vivec, Hlaalu (2,-11) Short Blade (57) Light Armor (52)
45 Alveleg West Gash Region (-3,2) Sneak (42) Block (38)
43 Ridena Othren Sadrith Mora, Fara's Hole in the Wall Light Armor (43) Enchant (42)
42 Vinnus Laecinnius Ebonheart, Six Fishes Mercantile (52) Speechcraft (52)