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Guild Hall:
Balmora Morag Tong Guild
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Guild Steward Ethasi Rilvayn
Console Location Code(s)
Balmora, Morag Tong Guild
Balmora, [-4,-2]
The Morag Tong Guild hall in Balmora

The Balmora Morag Tong Guild is the Morag Tong branch in Balmora, located in the northwest corner of town.


Morag TongEdit


  • In the basement of the guildhall behind a heavily locked and trapped door is the corpse of one Methas Hlaalu. No explanation is given for this, but the body can be useful as a permacorpse, since it can hold an infinite amount of weight and never disappears.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Angahran Female Dunmer Assassin Morag Tong Thrall(Thrall) 10 83 126 0 30
Ethasi Rilvayn Female Dunmer Nightblade Service Morag Tong Master(Master) 15 88 110 100 30 Spell Merchant
Gilyan Sedas Male Dunmer Assassin Service Morag Tong White Thrall(White Thrall) 12 99 130 100 30 Merchant; Trainer
Methas Hlaalu Male Dunmer Noble Morag Tong Thinker(Thinker) 9 0 108 Dead
Nachael Male Redguard Agent Morag Tong Thrall(Thrall) 10 96 80 90 30 Trainer
Shannat Pansamsi Male Dunmer Monk Service Morag Tong Blind Thrall(Blind Thrall) 7 72 90 100 30 Trainer
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