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Entrance to the Foreign Quarter
The Shrine Ibishammus
The Plaza
Map of Vivec's Foreign Quarter
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The Foreign Quarter is the northernmost canton of the city of Vivec. It is so named because it was originally the only canton in which foreign visitors to Vivec were allowed. To this day, outlanders receive friendlier treatment here than anywhere else in Vivec. You will find a sprawl of merchants hailing from all reaches of the Empire with a plethora of goods. Even more exotic tastes are catered to in the Daedric shrine Ibishammus in its underworks.

The PlazaEdit

Although foreign visitors may now travel freely throughout the city, the Foreign Quarter retains its Imperial services, including the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild on the Plaza level. Two smiths, Ralen Tilvur and Alusaron, also offer their services on the same level.

The WaistworksEdit

Unlike the other cantons in Vivec, the Foreign Quarter boasts an extra level, the Upper Waistworks, in which minor services are located. The tavern Black Shalk Cornerclub is located in the eastern Lower Waistworks and caters to foreign visitors with rooms available for rent. Huleeya can be found here initially. Jobasha's Rare Books is located in the western Lower Waistworks. Jobasha, the owner, is a friend of Huleeya. He has quite a variety of books, though not as many as are available in the library in the Temple Canton. Jobasha has a plant named Charles, from which you can extract the alchemical ingredient Meteor Slime.

The CanalworksEdit

You get to the Canalworks by entering the Lower Waistworks and then going down the internal set of stairs. The western Canalworks room has a clothier, Agrippina Herennia, Jeanne, a general trader, and an Imperial Cult altar, where the healer Letreius Muco offers training and has potions for sale. On the east side, J'Rasha is a healer with spells (among them is Wild Open), potions and ingredients. Hiding in the back room of Simine Fralinie's bookshop is Crazy-Legs Arantamo, who offers trade and training only to Thieves Guild members, and Gentleman Jim Stacey, the master of the Thieves Guild. The Foreign Quarter Tomb connects the two sides of the Canalworks, and has leveled undead guarding random loot.

The UnderworksEdit

The Underworks has a dead body in the water by the east side with a high quality helmet, and the Daedric shrine Ibishammus.

Notable FiguresEdit

Jobasha in his bookstore, Arch-Mage Trebonius in the Guild of Mages, Gentleman Jim Stacey in Simine Fralinie's bookstore, Lorbumol gro-Aglakh and Sjoring Hard-Heart in the Guild of Fighters on the Plaza level. See People for a complete list.

Getting there & aroundEdit

To the north, a bridge provides access to the plantations in the Ascadian Isles and the docks with the Frost-Ghost, which can take you to Hla Oad, Ebonheart, Molag Mar and Tel Branora. The Silt Strider provides service to Seyda Neen, Suran, Molag Mar and Balmora. West of the bridge, the Gondola ferries you to Arena, Hlaalu and Telvanni Canton. A bridge at the south-end connects to the Redoran Canton. The Guild Guide on the Plaza provides transport to other Guild of Mages in Vvardenfell.


NPC Services Location
Adondasi Sadalvel Transport (map)
Agrippina Herennia Clothier Canalworks
Alusaron Blacksmith Plaza
Andilu Drothan Alchemist Lower Waistworks
Ano Andaram Transport (map)
Aradraen Fletcher (with Area Effect Arrows official plugin) Lower Waistworks
Aurane Frernis Alchemist Lower Waistworks
Baissa Merchant Upper Waistworks
Baurin Trains Sneak; Block; Medium Armor Plaza
Craetia Jullalian Alchemist Plaza
Crazy-Legs Arantamo Thievery Apparatus Merchant Canalworks
Devas Irano Transport (map)
Flacassia Fauseius Transport Plaza
Huleeya Thievery Apparatus Merchant, Trains Athletics; Acrobatics; Sneak Black Shalk Cornerclub
Hylf the Harrier Trains Axe; Blunt Weapon; Medium Armor Black Shalk Cornerclub
Idonea Munia Alchemist, Spell Merchant Upper Waistworks
J'Rasha Healer, Spell Merchant Canalworks
Janand Maulinie Enchanter, Merchant Plaza
Jeanne Merchant Canalworks
Jobasha Bookseller Lower Waistworks
Letreius Muco Healer, Trains Alteration; Mysticism; Restoration Canalworks
Lorbumol gro-Aglakh Blacksmith Plaza
Malven Romori Spellmaker, Spell Merchant Plaza
Miun-Gei Enchanter, Merchant Lower Waistworks
Raig Trains Long Blade; Axe; Blunt Weapon Plaza
Ralen Tilvur Blacksmith Plaza
Raril Giral Potion, Ingredient Merchant, Rents beds Black Shalk Cornerclub
Rolasa Oren Alchemist Upper Waistworks
Sevyni Saryon Bookseller, Trains Mercantile; Speechcraft; Athletics Lower Waistworks
Simine Fralinie Bookseller Canalworks
Tarvyn Faren Merchant


  • Although the Hlaalu canton is close-by, there is no direct bridge connection.



Services in the Plaza

Upper WaistworksEdit

Services in the Upper Waistworks

Lower WaistworksEdit

Services in the Lower Waistworks


Services in the Canalworks