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Dreamer Prophet (dreamer prophet)
Location Vivec Foreign Quarter Underworks
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 10 Class Dreamer
Other Information
Health 83 Magicka 100
Alarm 0 Fight 90
Faction(s) Sixth House
The Dreamer Prophet

The Dreamer Prophet is a red-haired woman found in the Vivec Foreign Quarter western Underworks, who is responsible for some mysterious killings that are of great concern to the Ordinator Elam Andas. The "prophet" is wielding a Dagoth Dagger, which rapidly drains its victim's fatigue. She also has a Crude Bronze Key that opens a cell in Mamaea, Sanctum of Black Hope. She has no unique dialogue, and uses the same generic dialogue as a Dreamer if you manage to speak with her.

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