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Morrowind:Dagoth Uthol

Morrowind: Creatures: Ash Creatures
Dagoth Uthol (dagoth uthol)
Location Kogoruhn, Charma's Breath
Species Ash Vampire Soul Grand (340)
Level 30 Type Ash Creatures
Other Information
Health 300 Magicka 350
Alarm 0 Fight 90
Dagoth Uthol

Dagoth Uthol is one of the Ash Vampires and brother to Dagoth Ur. Vivec suggests killing him in order to weaken Dagoth Ur.

If you kill Dagoth Ur first, all the other Ash Vampires will die with him. Dagoth Uthol may be found in Kogoruhn, Charma's Breath. He carries the Belt of Heartfire artifact.

Of the seven Ash Vampires, Uthol is unique in that he is the only one who will let you pass peacefully if you talk to him first. Just choose "come to submit" when he talks to you, and he'll let you go.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit


Dagoth Uthol has some unique dialogue, and unlike the other Ash Vampires, he may even talk to you first before attacking.

  • Greeting 1: "He said you would come to us. And he was right. Have you come to submit? Or come to die?"
  • Greeting 2: "So. Have you decided? Have you come to submit? Or come to die?"
  • come to submit: "Keep going. These passages lead under the Ghostfence and into the crater of Red Mountain. Then enter the Mount of Dagoth Ur, and find Lord Dagoth. Make your submission, and perhaps you may join us. Ha. If you survive such a journey, we'd be glad to have you join us."
  • come to die: "He said you might come to fight. It doesn't matter to me, one way or the other."
  • make your submission: "Lord Dagoth says you will join us or die. I thought you might just leave us alone, and go about your own affairs. But Lord Dagoth says it is not your way, to leave a thing well enough alone. Perhaps. I cannot remember you at all. But I do my Lord's bidding. I have always done his bidding. So go to him and submit. You will be given power and place. And, perhaps, peace and forgiveness. Do as you like."



  • Killing Dagoth Uthol should weaken Dagoth Ur in the following way:
Strength -5 pts
Willpower -5 pts
Speed -5 pts
Health -50 pts
Fatigue -50 pts
Magicka -250 pts
However, scripts cannot affect actors that haven't yet loaded, so this will only trigger if you visit Dagoth Ur before killing Dagoth Uthol.
  • PC Only This bug is fixed in OpenMW. However, since killing all six Ash Vampires would actually reduce Dagoth Ur's 300 health to zero if the script were to perform as intended, OpenMW has a hardcoded exception added to prevent this from happening.