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Type Temple
Continent Tamriel
Province Elsweyr
Region Anequina
Appears in ESO
Part of Sunspire ca. 2E 582 at night

Sunspire is a Khajiiti temple found in the region of Anequina, within the province of Elsweyr. Sunspire is considered holy ground to the Khajiit across Northern Elsweyr. At the summit of Sunspire, the Dragon King of the Cats, Alkosh is said to have defended the people from the star-made knight, Pelinal Whitestrake, who slaughtered the Khajiit in a blind rage. Afterwards, the devout constructed Sunspire and paid homage to Alkosh.[1]


Sunspire's construction dates back to mythic times. Pelinal Whitestrake fell into one of his mindless rages and mistook the Khajiit people as another strain of Mer. It has been speculated that Whitestrake's slaughter against the Khajiit could have very well ended the entire race. Survivors of the slaughter attempted to climb the central mountains and seek refuge, but Pelinal was able to follow and arrived at the summit. As the legend goes, Alkosh himself intervened and shouted Pelinal out of Elsweyr. The confrontation resulted in a Time Wound at the summit of the mountain, where it has remained since.[1] The mountain later hosted the temple of Sunspire, which became the preeminent place of worship in Anequina and the sixteen kingdoms of old Elsweyr.[2] This lasted for several years until Mane Rid-Thar-ri'Datta revealed the Riddle'Thar Epiphany in 2E 311, and the Temple of Two-Moons Dance in Rawl'kha gained prominence over Sunspire.[3]

By the Interregnum around 2E 582, Sunspire was practically empty, with very few acolytes and sages, and in serious disrepair. The cosmic deity of order, Riddle'Thar had replaced Alkosh as the most revered god in the province of Elsweyr. The leader of the temple was Moon-Bishop Azin-jo, who was in his twilight years. At this time, ancient Dragons had appeared in Northern Elsweyr, reaping the land. The golden dragon, Nahviintaas approached Sunspire with his contemporaries, Lokkestiiz and Yolnahkriin. They posed as Alkosh, Jone, and Jode respectively. Azin-jo openly accepted them and preached across Anequina about the return of "Alkosh." A wave of new followers came and rebuilt Sunspire. More adepts preached the return of "Alkosh" across Northern Elsweyr. This news brought the attention of the Undaunted, who were sent to investigate. The Undaunted defeated the fake Jone and Jode before they confronted Nahviintaas at the summit and the time-wound. In the end, the fake Alkosh was killed and the Sunspire was liberated from their oppressor.[4] With the years he had left, Moon-Bishop Azin-jo vowed to restore this temple and because of his folly, he felt that it was his task alone to bear.[1] But regardless, some priests stayed in Sunspire.