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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Priestess Shalani
Location Sunspire Vestibule
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Priestess Shalani

Priestess Shalani is a Khajiit priestess located at the entrance of Sunspire. She can tell you more about Sunspire and the worship of Alkosh.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

During the quest, Natrada sends you to speak with Shalani about meeting Alkosh, the Dragon-Cat.

"More fresh faces on their pilgrimage to the Divine. Who among our preachers graced you with the good word?"
Natrada told me I could see Alkosh here.
"Ah, Natrada has a gift for spotting those with faith in their hearts. Let me be the first to welcome you to Sunspire, seat of Alkosh the Dragon King of Cats! You must be eager to see him for yourself."
"Then present yourself to our bishop, Azin-jo. With his blessing, you may proceed into the temple grounds and have your audience with the Divine."


Speaking with her after the quest gives you the opportunity to ask her more questions.

"May Alkosh grace you with long life and a clear path."
How long have you served at the temple?
"Not long, but when I heard of Alkosh's return I knew I had to come. Now I study the tenants of his faith under the tutelage of Azin-jo. He has been here longer than anyone, the last of the original clergy. I'm honored to keep the traditions alive."
Tell me about Sunspire.
"Now is not the first time that Alkosh has appeared before his people. He graced us with his presence on this mountain once before, in similarly dark times. Through his intervention, we were spared from death and Sunspire was built for his veneration."
So this has always been a temple to Alkosh?
"Just so. To hear Azin-jo tell it, this temple was once a thriving center of faith for the Khajiiti kingdoms, and with Alkosh's return it will be so again!"
What can you tell me about Azin-jo?
"Our bishop is a kind and faithful servant of Alkosh. He's watched over this temple almost all his life! If it weren't for his diligence, the traditions of our faith might have died out, but because of his piety and determinations Sunspire is saved!"
Why was Sunspire in peril?
"The teachings of Riddle'Thar became the central principles of the Khajiit, and Ja-Kha'jay took prominence in their hearts. They forgot that before Rid-Thar-ri'Datta knew the Riddle'Thar, Alkosh was there. Without him, Ja-Kha'jay would be powerless."
How so?
"Because without Alkosh to keep the rhythm, the Two Moons cannot dance. If they cannot weave the Lunar Lattice with their movements, then nothing will protect us from Lorkhaj and Ahnurr. The Bright Moon have blinded too many from him."

After Nahviintaas is slain, she will instead greet you with:

"This is a pure house of Alkosh now. This one swears it upon her soul."