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This page displays all dialogue found in the game, ordered by quest. Some lines of dialogue are contained in the game data but never actually appear in-game; they are noted here for the sake of completion.

Escape From PrisonEdit

The moon rose over Tamriel, red with Imperial blood.

The sons of the Emperor have been slain by a mysterious cult, the Dragon Throne to be their next target.

The Imperial guards rush to smuggle the Emperor out of the Imperial City through a secret passage in the prison but the cult struck too quickly...

Character Name Dialogue
  Guard Make haste, My Liege! The footsteps are drawing closer!

Quick, Emperor, the secret passageway is in this cell.

Move, prisoner. We must pass.

  Champion So this is the emperor...

And if I do not?

  Guard MOVE!!

We're too late!! They're here! Defend the Dragon Throne!!

  Emperor You there, quickly. Take this.

Find Jauffre and give this to him. He will know what to do.

We must save... the mortal plane... from...


  Champion Now to escape.

I need a disguise so I can get out of this prison...I suppose the Emperor's clothes will do.

  Mythic Dawn He has the Amulet of Kings! Kill him!!
  Champion Hold...wait just a moment.

A Town TerrifiedEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Wesley You there! I don't know what you're doing down here, but maybe you can help me!
  Champion Maybe I can. For the right price.
  Wesley Of course, of course.

There are some goblins getting ready to attack the town, but I'm not strong enough to overcome them. Would you oblige, Champion?

Character Name Dialogue
  Champion If I leave now, I have a feeling I won't be able to come back.
  Champion That takes care of the leader. The rest won't bother the town anymore, but now to escape and be gone from here.
Character Name Dialogue
  Wesley You return! Did you clear out the goblins?
  Champion Nay, I did not.
  Wesley Ah... you disappoint me.

I'll just have to find someone else to do it then.

  Champion Indeed, they're all gone.
  Wesley Wonderful!

Here's your reward!

  Champion Thank You.
  Wesley No, thank you!

The Illegitimate SonEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Jauffre You there! Why do you wear the robes of the Emperor?!
  Champion This disguise is useless.
  Jauffre ANSWER ME!

You bear the Amulet of Kings!

What is the fate of the Emperor?!

  Champion Are you Jauffre?
  Jauffre Yes, I am he.
  Champion He commanded me to give this to you.
  Jauffre *gasp*

It is as I feared then.

The Emperor is no longer with us. We have but one choice then.

All of his legitimate heirs have been slain.

You must go to Kvatch and retrieve Martin, the only illegitimate son of the Emperor.

  Champion Wait. This is not my concern, unless you'll part with Imperial gold...
  Jauffre So it comes to that then.

Fine. The Empire will handsomely compensate you upon your return.

Now go. I have much to attend to.

Bring Martin to Weynon Priory.

Character Name Dialogue
  Champion What is going on?! I must find Martin. Where is he?
  Guard He is lost to us. He has entered the gate that is allowing the evil to enter our city.
Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Martin!
  Martin Quick! You must help me close this gate!
  Champion The Emperor has been murdered! You must come with me to Weynon Priory!
  Martin I will come with you if you aid me in closing this gate into Kvatch. The town, and its people are my friends.
  Champion Very well. Come with me, Martin.
  Martin I've managed to deactivate this stone, and I believe the gate is fading. There must be more like it near.

They're going to try to keep us from shutting down the gate. We must be on the right track. Quick, let us find the other stones!

  Martin Deactivating this stone is sure to attract some unwanted attention.

Be on your guard.

  Martin There, I have it! The next stone is just across the gap over to our left.
  Martin Alright, I'll need some time to deactivate this stone.

Keep an eye out for trouble.

  Martin This is the last stone. After I finish here, we need to get to the gate before it closes. The gate is on the central island.

Be on your guard.

  Martin That's it! The gate is closing! We must exit quickly!

Daedroth in KvatchEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Stefan Stranger! Help me please! The Daedroth are leading the scamps into Kvatch, and I can't hold them off alone.

Kill the Daedroth that lead the scamps, and I will reward you.

  Stefan Thank you, sir! Here is your reward.

Recover the AmuletEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Jauffre Martin, thank the Heavens you're safe. With Gates to Oblivion opening around the Empire.
  Champion Oblivion?
  Martin Yes Oblivion - the demonic world. With no Emperor, Mehrunes Dagon, the Lord of Destruction, threatens to devour Tamriel.
  Jauffre Only a member of the Imperial Bloodline may use the Amulet of Kings to light the Dragonfires and save our plane.

While we now have the heir to the throne, the Amulet was stolen by cultists serving Dagon. They call themselves the Mythic Dawn.

The guards and I chased them to the sewers, but lost them in the darkness.

  Champion With all your resources in Cyrodiil, you couldn't hold on to a necklace?
  Jauffre You are the only resource the entire Empire sees fit to give me. Go and retrieve the Amulet from the Mythic Dawn, Martin and I will await your return at Cloud Ruler Temple.
Character Name Dialogue
  Mythic Dawn What? How did YOU get in here?!
  Mythic Dawn Get him! He must not enter the Shrine!
Character Name Dialogue
  Mankar Camoran The Dragon Throne is empty, and we hold the Amulet of Kings! Praise be to your brothers and sisters who preceded you to Paradise in service to Lord Dagon!

An intruder! He must be destroyed! Protect the book!

  Champion Hmm... This must be the tome that Jauffre spoke of. If I can't bring back the Amulet, maybe this will aid Jauffre.

The Troll KingEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Look, a door to the lower levels.
  Champion Hmm, no sign of Mythic Dawn down here.

Ugh, this skeleton is a bit too fresh. It looks like there's a note in blood here.

Troll King, eh? I'm sure he's got some coin and loot he won't need once he's gone.

  Champion If I leave now, I have a feeling I won't be able to come back.
  Champion [Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]

Ugh, it smells awful down here.

  Champion [Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]

Ah yes... Troll King. Treasure. Off to the deed at hand.

  Champion That wasn't so bad. I guess I'll keep going.
  Champion The smell is overpowering. The Troll King must be near at hand.


Character Name Dialogue
  Martin This book was authored by Mahrunes [sic] Dagon, the Lord of Destruction himself. Tampering with dark secrets, even just reading them, can be dangerous. I will need time to translate it.
  Jauffre Even though you did not get the Amulet, what you did find may serve us almost as well.
  Guard [Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]

*whisper* *whisper*

  Jauffre ...

There seem to be spies in Bruma. I fear they will assassinate Martin.

  Champion Hmm, I'll go straight away.
  Martin [Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]

Would you, please?

Character Name Dialogue
  Martin Oh, you're here...

Shouldn't you be... outside? ...Looking for assassins?

Character Name Dialogue
  Guard Go about your business.
  Guard Move along, citizen.
Character Name Dialogue
  Citizen I fear for the Empire.
  Citizen I hear assassins are in the city.
  Citizen Times are tough.
  Citizen I hope this madness ends soon.
  Citizen The guards are on alert, looking for assassins.
Character Name Dialogue
  Avery ...these three minor gates will allow us to open a Greater Gate in Bruma. We may then invade the town and kill the illegitimate heir to the.
  Rylander Someone's here! Kill him!!
  Champion That should do it for the assassins... Now to find the Oblivion gates they were trying to open.
Character Name Dialogue
  Guard An Intruder! Destroy him!!
  Champion Now to deactivate these gates.
  Champion If I leave now, I have a feeling I won't be able to come back.
Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Well, that should take care of these gates.

Now to get back to Jauffre and Martin.

[Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]


Commander in ChiefEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Vernon I saw you take care of those assassins... I'm impressed.

Maybe you can help me. Exit the city to the north and find my commander.

We were separated while repelling the last Daedric incursion into the city.

Find him please. Go through the entrance to the North.

Character Name Dialogue
  Rufus Oh, aren't you a sight for sore eyes!

My charge and I were separated and I was cornered here.

  Champion No need to worry now: I've cleared out a path so we can get you gone from here.
Character Name Dialogue
  Rufus Thank you again for leading me back to town.
  Vernon Thank you, sir! Here is your reward.
  Vernon Where is my commander?
  Champion I could not find him. I'm sorry.
  Vernon No! It cannot be! Greate [sic] are the losses of these days! *sniff*

Blood of the DaedraEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Martin Oh, you're back! Did you find anything?
  Champion Yes, I found the assassins. They were trying to open a Greater Gate in Bruma.
  Martin Do you think they will still attempt to assassinate me?
  Champion I severely doubt it.
  Jauffre Well, good. While you were gone, Martin translated a part of the Mysterium Xerxes [sic]. It seems the tome is a gateway to Gaiar Alata, Mankar Camoran's Paradise.
  Champion Paradise?
  Jauffre The 'Promised Land' for his followers. It is most likely that we'll find him - and the Amulet of Kings - there.
  Champion Then how do we open the gate?
  Martin The first reagent needed to open a gate is the Azura's Star.
  Champion I have heard rumors on where to find one. I will return soon.
Character Name Dialogue
  Champion [Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]

Now to take this artifact back to Martin and Jauffre.

  Champion Now that I have the artifact, I should go back to the cave entrance.

Blood of the DivineEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Here's Azura's Star.
  Jauffre Well done. I trust this was acquired lawfully?
  Champion What do you take me for? A thief?
  Jauffre My deepest apologies. Please, would you remind us how you acquired those Imperial robes?
  Champion Without them, I could have never found you.
  Martin ...Anyway, I've translated the second item - the blood of a god.
  Champion Wonderful. Now how do you propose I obtain the impossible?
  Jauffre Tiber Septim, founder of the Empire, was fatally wounded in the battle of Sancre Tor.

Upon death, he ascended to become a devine [sic]. His armor in the Shrine of Sancre Tor is still stained with his blood. Travel to Sancre Tor.

Character Name Dialogue
  Baynham To witness the armor of Tiber Septim, you must follow the Sun's course.
Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Now to take this artifact back to Martin and Jauffre.


Character Name Dialogue
  Martin This sample is perfect. The next element is The Great Welkynd Stone.
  Jauffre You might look in Miscarcand, a ruined city of the Ayleids, an ancient elven race. Be careful, as their spirits there might not be willing to part with it.
Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Hm, there's an inscription on this wall. It's faded...

Twilight falls upon the elves... May the Sun guide you... and the moon follow thereafter...

Hmm. I wonder what that means...

  Champion [Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]

This pedestal seems to have two slots carved into it.

[Note: This line of dialogue doesn't appear in game.]

You have placed the Elven Totems correctly.

Character Name Dialogue
  Champion This must be what the inscription was talking about earlier.
  Spirit Who dares disturb our hallowed resting place?
  Spirit A Champion?
  Spirit We will not relent our secrets so easily, Champion of Septim.
Character Name Dialogue
  Spirit What is it that you seek?
  Spirit If you have come to rob the dead, you will find us hardly an easy mark.
  Champion I mean you no disrespect, spirit. I must find The Great Welkynd Stone these ruins hide, however.
Character Name Dialogue
  Spirit You persist? Your drive is admirable, Champion.
  Spirit Prove to us you are worthy, and you may have what you seek.
  Spirit Cross the bridge to the final challenge.
Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Now to take this artifact back to Martin and Jauffre.

The Great GateEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Martin I should have seen it sooner. The final item we require is a Great Sigil Stone, which is used to hold open Oblivion Gates.
  Jauffre Which means, I'm afraid, that we need to allow the Mythic Dawn to open The Great Gate in Bruma.
  Champion What?!
  Martin It's the only way. By allowing them to open a gate, we can get the Sigil Stone from Oblivion.
  Champion Won't this put you in danger? They plan to murder you!
  Martin Tis the only way.
Character Name Dialogue
  Champion Now to take this artifact back to Martin and Jauffre.


Character Name Dialogue
  Martin You've returned! Cyrodil [sic] shall be in your debt. You should prepare yourself now to travel to Gaiar Alata to Confront [sic] Mankar Camoran. When you are ready, speak to Martin [sic] before you go.
Character Name Dialogue
  Martin Very well, I'll perform the ritual. Luck be with you.
  Champion Thank you, Martin. I'll return shortly.
  Jauffre We eagerly await your return.
Character Name Dialogue
  Mankar Camoran You are too late! The Lord of Destruction shall prevail!

Light the DragonfiresEdit

Character Name Dialogue
  Martin Thank goodness the summon worked. Quickly now, the Lord of Destruction now stands between us and the Dragonfires. No mortal weapon or magic can harm him.
  Champion Then what do we do?
  Martin Our only hope is to avoid him, enter the Temple, and light the Dragonfires.
  Champion Very well. I'll protect you. Let's be on our way!
Martin and you arrive at the Temple of the One, but Mehrunes Dagon breaks through the Temple dome and threatens to destroy you.

Martin shatters the Amulet of Kings and transforms himself into an avatar of Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time.

In the dragon form he banishes Mehrunes Dagon into Oblivion and Ends [sic] the Oblivion Crisis...

...and then vanishes.

Whether he is dead, or has Ascended [sic] to join his ancestor Tiber Septim, no one yet knows.

Character Name Dialogue
  Jauffre The attacks against our plane have ceased! You are a hero, Champion!
  Champion Yes, the Empire is at peace. But Martin...
  Jauffre Yes, I shall miss him. His sacrifice... Will never be forgotten.

To the Empire, you are a hero. All of us in Tamriel owe you our lives.

Cryodiil [sic] waits for you. You are free to go, Champion, with the thanks of the entire Empire.

  Champion Thank you, Jauffre. I hope we meet again.