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Lore:Northern Woods

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Northern Woods
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Appears in ESO
Map of Northern Woods circa 2E 582
The Northern Woods

The Northern Woods, also known as the South Weald or Arenthia Vale,[1] is a forested area in northwestern Reaper's March, in the borderlands between Valenwood, Cyrodiil, and Elsweyr. The Woods are bounded by the Strid River in the north, while the Crescent River flows along the eastern edge before merging with the Strid near Arenthia. The Northern Woods eventually give way to the Jodewood in the south. To the east, across the Crescent, lies the region of Dawnmead.[2]


Like the rest of Reaper's March, the Northern Woods have often been the site of border clashes between various powers. The history of the region is also inextricably tied to that of its largest settlement, the city of Arenthia.

The Bosmer inhabited the Northern Woods in the Merethic Era, and established a settlement at what is now Arenthia.[3] The Camoran Dynasty of Valenwood ruled the Woods from the start of the First Era to the fifth century, when Darloc Brae of Anequina conquered the region. Later in the First Era, the borderlands were the site of many battles between Valenwood and Cyrodiil. The Second Empire ultimately prevailed in the 28th century, conquering all of Valenwood and governing the Woods for over 600 years, until the Empire's collapse in 2E 430. During the ensuing Interregnum, the Woods were divided between local and foreign rulers. The Camorans continued to claim the area[4] as the province of "Arenthia Vale".[1] The province passed to the Aldmeri Dominion in 2E 580. Dominion rule was tenuous, and achieved via Bosmer and Khajiit proxies.[2] This state of affairs persisted until the Dominion's dissolution, except for a brief period of Colovian occupation (as the "South Weald") under Lavinia Axius.[1]

A second iteration of the Aldmeri Dominion ruled Valenwood from 2E 830 to 2E 896, although the extent of their influence over the Northern Woods is unknown. Tiber Septim's activation of Numidium cemented Imperial control until the Fourth Era, when Valenwood was yet again seized by a third Aldmeri Dominion.