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Lore:Yours for the Taking!

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Yours for the Taking!
by Catonius Libo, Aide-de-Camp to General Lavinia Axius
A call for Colovians to join the Legion of the West Weald

Freeborn Colovians! You are hereby called to Serve your Homeland—and in the process, serve Yourself, your Family and Heirs.


Be It Known that the region south of the River Strid, formerly known as Arenthia Vale of Valenwood, has been re-designated South Weald of the Colovian Estates, as Decreed by the Count of Skingrad and Ratified by the Elder Council of the Empire of Cyrodiil. The Legion of West Weald, under command of General Lavinia Axius, has been given the Honor of Annexing South Weald and Securing its new Borders.


Be It Further Known that, upon Cessation of Hostilities in South Weald, members of the Occupying Legion will be Mustered Out and Granted Land—Farms for Soldiers, Estates for Officers. Previous Ownership of all said Lands has been declared Null and Void by the Elder Council. Current Squatters will be Deported or Indentured and put to Useful Labor on behalf of the New Owners.


Serve in South Weald and earn the Plaudits of a Grateful Colovia! Consider also that after Previous Conflicts, many freeborn Colovians were able to enter the Lower Nobility by virtue of the Copious Ransoms elicited from the Families of Important Prisoners. This may be the Best Chance for Advancement in this generation—don't miss out due to Fretting, Timidity, or Trivial Entanglements.