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Darius (general darius)
Home Town Gnisis
Location Madach Tradehouse
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 15 Class Knight
Other Information
Health 147 Magicka 110
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Imperial Legion Knight Protector(Knight Protector)

Darius is an Imperial Legion general, specifically the leader of the Deathshead Legion in Gnisis. He can be found on the lower floor of the Madach Tradehouse. Joining the Imperial Legion can only be done through him, as only his garrison is accepting new recruits. He will provide an Imperial Chain Cuirass upon recruitment.

Darius wears a set of Imperial templar armor (excluding the helmet and greaves) and common pants. He carries an Imperial broadsword, up to 50 gold, and a key to his chest. Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Imperial LegionEdit


  • Greetings:
    • "Are you here to join the Imperial Legion?"
    • "Go ahead. I'm listening."
    • "You're out of uniform. Talk to me when you're serious."
    • "Report on the land deed."
    • "Have you dealt with the Gnisis Eggmine?"
    • "Have you rescued Madura Seran?"
    • "Report on Ragash gra-Shuzgub, Trooper."
    • "What is the Talos Cult situation?"
    • "What do you need?"
  • Abolitionists:
    • "Aiding an escaping slave is theft, and a crime, since slaves are property in Morrowind."
  • Advancement:
    • "You can fight with the best of them, but you don't seem to understand how to follow orders."
    • "Word of your accomplishments has spread fast. You are ready for advancement."
    • "You are a good soldier, %PCName. I am proud to give you the rank of Agent, and this helm and gauntlets."
    • "You don't meet the requirements of Champion. Plus, you haven't followed enough orders yet."
    • "You are a good soldier, %PCName. I am proud to give you the rank of Spearman, and this shield."
    • "You are a good soldier, %PCName. I am proud to give you the rank of Trooper, and this armor."
    • "You don't meet the requirements of Agent. Plus, you haven't followed enough orders yet."
    • "You're a good soldier and you follow orders, but there's concern you may not be up to the requirements of Champion. Work out some more and practice with our trainers."
  • affairs of honor:
    • "Law and custom despises dishonorable duelists. If the victim was bullied, intimidated, or goaded by a stronger party with suspect motives, magistrates often convict the stronger party of foul murder."
    • "Native Dunmer and Imperials alike recognize a noble's obligation to answer a challenge of honor."
    • "A challenge of honor is a public declaration of a scandal against a private party. Only nobles fight duels, and the higher the rank, the stronger the obligation."
  • Background:
    • "I am Darius, Knight and Knight Protector of the Imperial Legion."
  • Baladas:
    • "He keeps to himself, has his food and supplies delivered to his door. He's been a good neighbor, quiet, no trouble."
  • Barracks:
    • "The Barracks is an ancient Velothi building adapted for use as a barracks by the local Deathshead Legion garrison."
  • conspiracy against the Emperor:
    • "I know something is going on. You must find out what. I worry our time is short."
    • "This is a most troubling letter. Thank the Divines you found this evidence. Now you must execute Aurius Rulician and Oritius Maro for their crimes."
    • "Now the traitors are dead. It saddens me that this could happen to men under my command. We all swore to serve the Emperor, no matter what happens. You've eearned my gratitude. %PCName. Long live Uriel Septim!"
    • "I thank you and the Emperor himself may personally thank you when he hears of this. You have done a great service to the Empire. Long live Uriel Septim!"
  • Cure Blight:
    • "I'm not a wizard. I don't know where you could learn the spells to cure blight. But I have gotten scrolls of cure blight from Hetman Abelmawia before. Perhaps he has some or knows where you can get some. Scrolls are more reliable anyway."
  • Cyrodiil:
    • "Cyrodiil is the cradle of human Imperial high culture on Tamriel. It is the largest region of the continent, and most is endless jungle. The Imperial City is in the heartland, the fertile Nibenay valley. The densely populated central valley is surrounded by wild rain forests drained by great rivers into the swamps of Argonia and Topal Bay. The land rises gradually to the west and sharply to the north. Between its western coast and its central valley are deciduous forests and mangrove swamps."
  • Darius:
    • "You're speaking to me. What do you want to know?"
  • Eggmine:
    • It's up on the hill, on the east side of town. Careful in there, the kwama queen has been blighted. They're only letting miners in."
    • "The eggmine was closed recently because of the risk of spreading the blight, but the miners here need the eggmine to support their families. Find the blighted kwama queen and cure her. Either cast a cure blight spell on her, or speak with Hetman Abelmawia who has scrolls of cure blight."
    • "So has the kwama queen been cured?"
      • No, sir:
        • "Well, what are you waiting for? You have your orders."
      • Yes, sir:
        • "I'm not sure I believe you. You better go back down in the mines and make sure."
        • "Good. Now the miners can go back to work. We'll still have to put guards on the lower parts of the eggmine, but at least the villagers can get their eggs. Take these 100 drakes as a reward."
    • "The kwama queen has been cured. Now some of the miners can return to work."
    • "The kwama queen is dead? Usually they don't die from the Blight so quickly. What will the town do now?"
    • "The kwama queen is dead, and there's nothing you can do about it now. Sometimes a kwama colony can recover from losing it's queen, and sometimes not. We'll have to wait and see."
  • Empire:
    • "The Empire is the greatest achievement of Tamrielic civilization. This melting pot of contrasting cultures is held together by a strong hereditary emperor and bureaucracy, by the rule of law, by a powerful professional army, and by religious tolerance. Education and wealth is broadly distributed through all social classes where Imperial culture has flourished; many citizens are literate and protected under Imperial law."
  • fines:
    • "Fines may sound like a sweet deal -- kill an enemy, then pay the fine -- but folks who have enough money to pay such fines are almost always House Lords, and House Wars customs means the Great House of the victim usually buys a writ with the Morag Tong to assassinate the murderer. So murderers pay, and THEN they get killed, too."
  • fund for the widow:
    • "Would you like to contribute 50 septims to the fund?"
      • Yes
        • "Thank you, %PCName. I hope we can get everyone to contribute"
        • "You already made your contribution."
      • No
        • "I understand. It's not easy on a legionnaire's pay."
  • House Redoran:
    • "They are the true warriors of the ancient Dunmer. Although House Hlaalu has adopted more of the Empire's ways, I have more respect for the warriors of House Redoran."
  • Imperial:
    • "Our civilization has brought peace and prosperity to all Tamriel. We place our faith in hard work, education, and discipline. We prefer free trade and diplomacy, but are not ashamed to use force."
  • Imperial Legion:
    • "For the glory of Tiber Septim, you and I should be honored to be in its service."
  • join the Imperial Legion:
    • "Son, you got what we need here at the Imperial Legion. Do you want to join? Or do you want to hear what we're about?"
      • Sign me up, sir!
      • Tell me about the Imperial Legion, sir:
        • "Your duties are to the Empire and to your commanding officers - in that order. Carry yourself with dignity and uphold the law. You are the face of the Empire to the common man. Respect all members of the Imperial Legion. It is treasonous to fight or steal from other members. If you break these rules, you must speak with your recruiting officer, me, to redeem your standing. Do you swear to adhere to what I have stated?
          • No sir
            • "I see."
              • Yes sir
                • "You are now a Recruit in the Imperial Legion. Welcome, %PCName. You'll have to stay in uniform, so take this chain cuirass. You better be wearing a Legion cuirass of some kind in the presence of a higher ranking member. Take your orders from me and other knights, and your advancement through the ranks will be swift if you meet the requirements."
                  • "%PCName, you are a %PCRank of the Imperial Legion. Don't you forget it!"
  • killing and murder:
    • "According to Imperial custom, killing is justifiable in war, self-defense, defense of property, and affairs of honor. Other killings are murder, and punishable by fines and compensation, or by punitive labor."
  • land deed:
    • "Mansilamat Vabdas died recently in the eggmine. He is survived by his wife who now owns a parcel of land we could use for another dock. Talk to the Widow Vabdas and get the deed to her land. Don't take "no" for an answer. Get me that land deed."
    • "So do you have the land deed?"
      • No, not yet:
        • "What part of "bring me the land deed" did you not understand? You have your orders."
      • Mansilamat Vabdas was murdered:
        • "Murdered? Do you have any proof?"
    • "Forget about the land. Bring Lugrub gro-Ogdom to justice."
    • If Lugrub is dead, justice has been served. Good work, $NPCName. I have more orders for you. Also, take this broadsword for a job well done."
    • "I won't try and get her land. Not after what happened. Some other members of the Legion are making a fund for the widow."
  • Latest rumors:
    • "It's the law of Morrowind. Slavery is legal. The Empire doesn't like it, but the Emperor signed the Armistice, and that made it legal for the Dunmer to retain their ancient laws and customs. Now, there's some Abolitionists who say,'To hell with the law...slavery is wrong.' I'm not saying I disagree, in theory. But it's the law."
    • "My son was recently shipped up to Fort Frostmoth on the island of Solstheim. I don't know what he did to deserve that, but it couldn't have been good."
  • Lugrub gro-Ogdum:
    • "Kill him to avenge Widow Vabdas. If we don't act soon, his murder of Mansilamat Vabdas will ruin the reputation of the Legion."
    • "Lugrub is dead. Justice has been served."
  • Madura Seran:
    • "I have a report from Ald Velothi that one of their own, Madura Seran, is being held hostage in an outcast ashlander camp just south of their village. Go there and escort her to safety."
    • "So you got Madura Seran out of the camp and in one piece. Good work, %PCName."
    • "Madura Seran was safe, last I heard."
  • If you kill Madura Seran before she reaches the Ald Velothi Outpost, Darius will say:
    • "You say Madura Seran is dead? This will hurt our standing with the Temple, %PCName. I wish it hadn't happened this way."
  • Mehra Drora:
    • "Mehra Drora is our local priestess at the Gnisis Temple. She heals and trains the Temple faithful...for a fee. She's Indoril -- a Great House traditionally linked to the New Temple cult -- but not a snob or a prig, like most Indorils."
  • Necromancy:
    • "In the Empire, body and spirit are protected as property, and may not be used without permission of the owner, and public display of the living dead is widely prohibited. But necromancy itself is not really illegal."
  • Nerevarine:
    • "It's the reincarnation of some Dark Elven hero, supposed to come and drive the Empire out of Morrowind. Just some local superstition... but the Temple says it's wicked and evil, and you'll be very sorry if you talk about it with the priests and Temple guard."
  • Nerevarine cult:
    • "An Ashlander religious cult called the Nerevarine cult believes prophecies of a reincarnation of the ancient Dunmer hero Nerevar, who will come to cast down the false gods of the Tribunal Temple, and drive all outlanders from Morrowind. The cult is outlawed by the Temple and the Empire."
  • Optio Bologra:
    • "Optio Bologra is the Camp Prefect of the Deathshead Legion garrison at Fort Darius. He's a tough and violent orc, not clever or polished, but nonetheless an effective and respected officer."
  • Orders:
    • "Yes, let's see if you truly are loyal to our cause here in Morrowind. There's a little issue of a land deed here in Gnisis I need you to take care of."
    • "Go get the Widow Vabdas' land deed."
    • "Cure the Kwama Queen in the Gnisis Eggmine."
    • "Find out what happened to Ragash gra-Shuzgub."
    • "Yes, I need a Spearman to find Madura Seran, who is missing."
    • "Go to Ald Velothi an rescue the pilgrim Madura Seran."
    • "I suspect there is something going on with some of my troopers. Informants have told me of a conspiracy brewing involving the Talos Cult, but I have not yet been able to find any proof of this. Investigate this, %PCName, and bring me any information you find."
    • "I don't have any more orders for you. Check with the Knight Protectors in each of the Forts, and, when you're ready, check with the Knight of the Imperial Dragon, Varus Varinius in Ebonheart."
  • Oritius Maro:
    • "Check the Barracks. If you really want info on folks there, talk to Optio Bologra."
    • "Yes, he's a member of the Talos Cult. Check the Barracks."
    • "I heard he's been killed."
  • proof:
    • "What kind of proof do you have?"
      • I spoke with the ghost of Mansilamat Vabdas.
        • "I don't care if you saw the ghost of Tiber Septim. I can't tell the Legion officers in Cyrodiil that I condemned a soldier to death because you talked to a ghost."
      • Nevermind.
        • "These are serious accusations, %PCName, and Lugrub is your superior officer. If you don't have any proof, I might have to press charges of insubordination."
      • Here is Lugrub's Axe.
        • "Hm. Yes, this is Lugrub's Axe. I can see how it's been damaged from hitting bone here and here. With this, I have no choice but to believe your story. Lugrub gro-Odgum is an outlaw. Find him and kill him. Then justice will be served."
    • "I am glad you brought me the axe. Now I know I was mistaken about Lugrub."
    • "I have seen your proof, and I am convinced. Find Lugrub gro-Ogdum in the Gnisis Eggmine and kill him to avenge Mansilamat Vabdas."
    • "Proof of a conspiracy against the Emperor."
  • Ragash gra-Shuzgub:
    • "She was sent to Arvs-Drelen, but no word has been heard since, and I suspect foul play. Find her and bring her back. Careful with old Baladas, though. I don't trust him."
    • "Haven't you found her yet? Ask Baladas Demnevanni about her."
    • "Excellent! Good to hear you were able to get her out of there."
    • "You got Ragash away from Baladas' tower."
  • If you kill Ragash before completing the quest, Darius will ask:
    • "What do you mean she's dead? I ordered you to find her, not get her killed! You've disappointed me, %PCName."
    • "Ragash is dead, and I need a new tax collector."
  • Requirements:
    • "The Legion selects for endurance, the soldierly virtue, and personality, the citizen's virtue, for service in the Legion is the model for the duties of Imperial citizenship. As a trooper or knight, you must master the long blade, spear, and blunt weapons. You must block whatever blows you can, and take unblocked blows upon your heavy armor. The Legion recruit must also be athletic to evade, maneuver, and charge on the field of battle."
  • Solstheim:
    • "That's the frozen island up to the north, right? Sounds awful to me. If you're looking to get there, you might check for transportation in Khuul."
  • Talos Cult
    • "They are a group that reveres Tiber Septim. It is not the group as a whole with whom I am concerned. It is rumors of a conspiracy within the membership that interests me. Talk to your fellow soldiers and see if you can find out more."
    • "You have ruined their treasonous plans, but now I wonder... If we cannot trust the Talos Cult, who can we trust?"
  • Uriel Septim:
    • "The current emperor is Uriel Septim, Uriel VII, 24th of the Septim dynasty. The Emperor is over eighty years old, and in poor health. He has two declared heirs, Enman and Ebel, but there is some controversy over the succession in the Imperial City."
  • Widow Vabdas:
    • "Her land is prime for our expansion plans here."


  • There were to be two other Imperial Legion quests involving Darius, but they were removed from the game before release.
  • Darius shares his bedroom as office.