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Acolyte Dugikh
Location Holamayan Monastery
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Acolyte Dugikh

Acolyte Dugikh was an Orc worshipper of Boethiah from the Merethic Era. He is first encountered in at vision at the Holamayan Monastery.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Leramil the Wise will have summoned you to investigate various locations around Tamriel visited by Torvesard who is trying to find the third Glyphic so he may free his Prince. Your investigation will lead you to Holamayan Monastery to learn about the Good Daedra and their relics. Once you enter the library to study, you will be able to use the Echonir to a scene from the past.

The green-tinged vision will show Priest Dandera Helas, Adept Rakzzin-jo and Acolyte Dugikh standing around the table:

Priest Dandera Helas: "Secrecy is everything. Yet we must leave something behind in the event that we fail."
Adept Rakzzin-jo: "Even if we succeed, the need to act again may arise some long tomorrow from now."
Acolyte Dugikh: "Herma-Mora will not allow that to happen. But I agree. We should leave instructions here for those who come after."
<The vision fades, but the book seen in the vision remains.>
Leramil the Wise: "That book! It is the very one those three ancient priests were handling in the memory. Examine it, proxy."

After reading the book, you learn the priests were heading to the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets and that it was located at the ruined city of Anudnabia. Once you arrive at the ruins, you can use the Echonir once more.

Using the Echonir at the water's edge, the vision will show the trio from the library once more:

Adept Rakzzin-jo: "The Prince of Paths caused the sea to swallow this ancient city. Hermorah's temple now lies beneath the waves."
<The trio stop at the end of the water.>
Priest Dandera Helas: "Then that is where we must go. Mephala, Lady of Whispers, take this mortal shell!"
Acolyte Dugikh: "I am ready. Boethiah, I call upon you! Dark Warrior, let me bear you to the conclave of Princes!"
<The trio twitch and slump slightly as their Princes take over their bodies. The Princes then walk into the water without a word.>
Leramil the Wise: "The priests allowed their Princes to possess them and waded into the water? Ah! I know where to find the shrine."

You will witness the trio the third and final time after Torvesard finds and activates the Glyphic of Shattered Relfections within the Mythos Vaults:

Torvesard: "The last glyphic and the final secret. I must know what happened to Prince Ithelia!"
<He touches the glyphic and the scenery becomes green-tinted, you see the three possessed priests standing before Hermaeus Mora.>
Hermaeus Mora: "We defeated Prince Ithelia. Now we must all forget our victory."
Priest Dandera Helas: "Forget? Why should I forget how I took this mortal shell and tracked Ithelia with my Skein?"
Acolyte Dugikh: "Azura and I did our part with these vessels of flesh. And the Lamp and Abolisher."
Adept Rakzzin-jo: "Listen, my fellow Princes. The Lord of Fate is right. Imprison Ithelia in your Mythos, Mora. Then erase all memory of her existence."
<The vision ends.>
Torvesard: "Imprisoned by cowards? Abandoned by betrayers? But I remember! And I know how to free my Prince!"
<Torvesard draws Abolisher, opens a portal and leaves.>