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Lore:Hazadiyya Sea-Queen

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Hazadiyya Sea-Queen
Race Yokudan Gender Female
Resided in Yokuda
Azurian Sea
Abecean Sea
"I remember Lost Yokuda. I remember all her great islands." —Hazadiyya Sea-Queen[1]

Hazadiyya Sea-Queen was a Yokudan explorer known for her adventures across the islands of Yokuda and the Azurian and Abecean seas. She is renowned as the author of The Lost Islands of Old Yokuda, a text describing her numerous journeys and the Yokudan archipelago.[1]


A map depicting the isles of Yokuda, Abecean and Azurian Seas
Lady in the Cistern, a statute possibly depicting Hazadiyya

Although little is known about her background or the exact time of her existence, her legacy is etched in tales of her marriages to various men, each of whom represented different islands in Yokuda.[1]

One of her husbands was from Samara, a lush and welcoming island with many harbors and abundant fruit. Another hailed from Kanesh, a tall and volcanic land, harsh yet strong. She also had a husband from Yath, a rugged and magnificent island with clear views. Finally, she married a man from Akos Kasaz, the biggest of all the islands, known for its complexity and moody nature.[1]

Throughout her life, Hazadiyya ventured across Yokuda, experiencing the unique qualities of each island and its people. Her travels took her to various regions. In one notable instance, Hazadiyya was linked to the establishment of the Yokudan capital, the City of Totambu during her time in Akos Kasaz, where she remained the longest. In her own words it was there where she and her last husband Oshnar "together […] fought wars, reared children, and built the City of Totambu." In the end, in her elderly years, she returned to the sea, following the call of the Abecean Sea.[1]


Abah's Landing, circa 2E 582

Her influence and reputation among the Yokudan, and later Redguard descendants endured, and her legacy continued to be celebrated by the people of Hew's Bane. According to certain accounts, a statue depicting her accompanied by a sea serpent, was raised in the cistern of Abah's Landing. This statue represented her role as the guardian of the water supply for Hew's Bane's free port, emphasizing her title as the "queen of the sea" and establishing a connection between the colony and Old Yokuda's legacy.[2] Nevertheless, alternative interpretations of this statue also exist,[3] associating her with figures like Redguard godesses Leki,[4] or Zeqqi,[5] the Night Mother (with the serpent representing Sithis),[6] Lucky Old Lady of Bravil,[7][8] or the Daedric Prince Nocturnal,[9] among others. For some, it seemed unimportant to dwell on the statues of the past and instead, they preferred to focus on what it symbolized in the present. To a few, it was a representation of Zeira, the leader of the local Thieves Guild.[10]

Translations of old Yokudan texts devoted to Hazadiyya were known as far as in the Summerset Isles, and studied by the Altmeri scholars of the Illumination Academy.[2][11]

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