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Abah's Landing
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Hew's Bane
Appears in ESO
Abah's Landing circa 2E 582

Abah's Landing is a harbor city on the eastern coast of Hew's Bane in southern Hammerfell. It is a major port on the Abecean Sea.[1]

During the period of Yokudan invasions of Tamriel in the First Era known as the Tavan Wave, Prince Hubalajad became the first to attempt to settle Hew's Bane (then known as Khefrem's Boot), seeing strategic value in its naturally protected harbor.[2] There, he established a small settlement. Originally little more than a soldier's camp, it would eventually grow into the walled city of Abah's Landing.[3]

By the mid-Second Era, royal power in Abah's Landing had been entirely supplanted by a group of criminal cartels known collectively as the "Merchant Lords". The hinterlands of Hew's Bane were populated primarily by smuggler crews and Maormer pirates, with whom the Lords actively did business.[4][5] The city-state of Abah's Landing thus developed a deep rivalry with the kingdom of Taneth to the north, whose traders usually bore the brunt of this thievery they harbored.[6]

A local criminal gang known as the Thieves Guild was founded in Abah's Landing in the Second Era, and ultimately grew to become a Tamriel-wide organization.[7][8][9]


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