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Lore:Eye of Argonia

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The Eye of Argonia is a treasured artifact described as the "priceless king's jewel of ancient Black Marsh".[1] Little is known of the eye, other than along with being an invaluable gem it acted as a key to the "lost city of Black Marsh"[2] and it was a highly sought after relic for treasure hunters. Cyrus the Redguard and the Cyro-Nordic captain Tobias both wished to attain the prized artifact, although it's unknown if either of them ever succeeded in doing so.[2][3] An archeologist and author by the name of Rolard Nordssen aspired to claim the fabled eye, a potential accomplishment which he considered even greater than his prior feats.[4] Circa 3E 427, the Nerevarine mentioned the legendary jewel as a means to cover for his true intentions to infiltrate the chambers of the Common Tongue press printers.[5] There exists dubious tales about the jewel's discovery.[UOL 1][UOL 2]



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